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Poems to My Mom

Updated on June 17, 2017
Titia profile image

Writing poetry is a hobby. English is not my native language but I learned a lot during the past years. Thanks to Poet friends.

Mom in her twenties
Mom in her twenties | Source

Her Lifetime Motto Was: "I Want to Be Happy, Even When I'm Sad"

A good motto I think and I've tried to make it my own, which is not always an easy task to accomplish.

Anyway I love to write poems to and about mom, they come straight from my heart. I wrote Happy Birthday poems for my mom, I love you mom poems and many more, they're poems from a daughter to her mom. Her given name is Geertje Meijst, but when she was a little girl, her dad used to call her 'my little mouse' (in Dutch: kleine muis) and that name stayed with her all her life. She changed the writing to Muys, same pronunciation as 'Muis', but it's a bit more distinguished.


Born in nineteenhundredeleven, you can spot her at age ten,
pretty girl with ribbons in her hair, 'little Mouse' she was called then.
A bit older she took up nursing, she was devoted as they say.
Most enjoyed the little babies, cared for people in her own way.


Married to the man she loved, sharing happiness and sorrow,
she was an optimistic woman, always heading for tomorrow.
Raising us through war she did, while my father was send away,
after us three she got a fourth, it died at birth, not meant to stay.
Last month she whispered softly: "I'm so old but still feel this pain"
and even though she did not live, Saskia was this baby's name.


She made tapestries on the wall, created puppets and did paint,
she was a very busy woman, very lovable but sure no saint.
When I worked on the computer, she always watched me, wondering,
if she could learn it at her age, to comprehend this modern thing.

I said "well why don't you try it", so she really started computering
and to my own asthonishment, she didn't need much tutoring.
In a few weeks she will be ninety, writing the tales she told in passed time
and her greatgrandchildren will read about the adventures of a little dime.

August 2001

Poll about age

How old is/was your Mom?

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My Mom Broke Her Neck in 1983

My mom broke her neck in 1983
My mom broke her neck in 1983 | Source

She Recovered Completely

In the Summer of 1983 my mom was driving to our house and got hit by another car and landed in a deep ditch. She wasn't unconscious and knew immediately that there was something wrong with her neck (She had been a nurse for a long time). They brought her to the hospital in Bruges (Belgium) because that hospital had the expertise to deal with this kind of injury. A long story short: she has been in plaster from her lips to her breasts with traction of 7 kilo's on her head to keep her neck in its place for four months. She spends 7 months in total in the hospital and was the second person in the history of that hospital who recovered completely.

Sad thing was that shortly after her recovery, my dad got sick and died in August 1984.

My Mom's 90th Birthday

Happy Birthday Mom, You're 90 Now - August 24, 2001

Mom's Birtday 2001
Mom's Birtday 2001 | Source

My Mother Has Mastered Computer Skill at 90

She Was Ninety and Time Was Too Short

You won't believe it, or maybe you will,
but my mother has mastered computer skill.
She's writing letters and stories so nice
and unexpected, with little advice.

She bought a new one, with Windows XP
and got an account for internet free.
You know she is ninety and keen as hell,
she wants to send emails, that I can tell.

Getting connected is taking some time,
I'm telling you all in this little rhyme.
She called the company, told them the truth,
to get off their butts and lay off the booze.

That she was ninety and time was too short,
for waiting too long, that she got real bored.
That she could be dead tomorrow or ever,
she wanted internet, now or never.

The man, he promised to do what he could,
he would tell his men, yes indeed he would.
So now she sits there, waiting at home,
till she has email and internet to roam.

Opening the Internet world at the age of 90

At the age of 90 years, my mom attended a computer course for the elderly, passed her exam and bought a computer. She didn't want that area pass her by without her knowing about it. So for her 90th Birthday we bought her a computer desk chair. She emailed me:

It is the truth, the world has opened herself to me
and I can speak
to everybody who has a computer.
It's miraculous.
Born in nineteenhundredeleven,
I have seen the most wonderful things.
Every morning I wake up and I am delighted.
As a new day arrives, I look in the mirror
with my sleepy eyes
and smile.
Yes I have another beautiful day to live.
Thank You dear God, thank You.

Playing Around with Images and Text

Digital Christmas Card by My Mom

Digital Christmas Card by 90 year old Mom
Digital Christmas Card by 90 year old Mom | Source

Mom Also Wrote Poems

I translated them to English

My Angel Gods

My Angel Gods protects me,
she is always there
when I'm driving my car.

I talk to her, I hear her voice:
"You can't dream now", she said,
"Look over your shoulder"

I am happy she's there,
thank you dear Angel Gods,
you have saved me again.

A table set for one

Table set for one
Table set for one | Source

A table set for one,

that's loneliness in full,

but with a walkman

on my head,

I suddenly don't feel that bad.

The Miracle of Life

Every day I think about the mystery of life.
I see my Dad, I see my Mom, on pictures near my bed.
My friends are falling like the trees,
I lose them one by one.

The undertaker I know well, I see him every time,
when I attend the funerals of friends I mentioned in this rhyme.
I say: "Hello, I'm here again", he says: "You should be glad",
but the only things that will be left, are the pictures near my bed.

Then there are the memories of two I hold so dear,
the man who loved me all his life and the little girl I've lost.
My heart is fluttering all around when I think of those two.

The mystery of life I guess, will always play its peek-a-booh.

It's Time to Let You Know I Love You Mom


My Mom Bought a New Car in 2002 - at the Age of 91

Mom's new car
Mom's new car | Source

She Drove Her Own Car Until She Was 95

My mom was always the one who drove the car. My father got his license, but he didn't like driving and honestly, he was actually a red peril on the road. For many years they've spend their holidays in the South of France, first camping in a tent, later on they bought a caravan. My dad died in 1984 and I think my mom was in her late 80s, when she made a last trip to that camping place all by herself. I told her to take it easy and stay overnight somewhere, but I could have talked to a wall, because she phoned me that same night around midnight that she had arrived and already ate her diner. Years later she told us that she had gotten lost in the mountains in the dark and that she had been scared to death at that moment.

My Mommy Muys at the Age of 94

Mom at the age of 94
Mom at the age of 94 | Source

My mom is not an old lady,
she is as busy as a bee,
driving her car to visit her friends,
playing bridge and drinking tea.

My mom is not an old lady,
she keeps her mind up to date,
reading books and watching TV,
staying up sometimes too late.

My mom is not an old lady,
she started to explore the PC,
she is roaming through the Internet,
and mailing her stories to me.

My mom is not an old lady,
she loves to go out to dine,
but as she has to drive herself,
she won't drink too much wine.

My mom is not an old lady,
not always easy, yet very dear,
she has a great sense of humor
and will be ninety four this year.

My Mom's 95th Birthday

Mom's 95th Birthday
Mom's 95th Birthday | Source

Happy Birthday Mom, You're 95 Now - Throwing a Little Birthday Party

Mom's 95th Birthday
Mom's 95th Birthday | Source

Marie Cecile Moerdijk - My Mom's Dear Friend

Marie Cecile Moerdijk is a Dutch Folksinger. Back in the 1950s Marie Cecile lived with her husband in the street next to our street in the city Eindhoven in Holland and they became friends with my parents. Marie Cecile and my mom has been friends ever since.

Her songs were mostly in Dutch, but I found this beautiful performance of the New World Theme: Going Home by Marie-Cécile Moerdijk.

Marie-Cecile Moerdijk, a famous Dutch folksinger and dear friend of my Mom
Marie-Cecile Moerdijk, a famous Dutch folksinger and dear friend of my Mom | Source

Mom Traded Her Car in for an Invalid Electric Scooter

In December 2006, just before Christmas, when my mom was 95, she fell in her room and injured a dorsal vertebra, got operated and recovered, but that was the moment she decided to stop driving her own car and switch to an invalid scooter. For many years after she regretted that decision, but I think it was just the right moment.

Mom on her invalid scooter
Mom on her invalid scooter | Source

My Mom's 96th Birthday

Taking a trip to France with my mom
Taking a trip to France with my mom | Source

France Is Only 1,5 Hour Drive from Where We Live

From where my mom lives, it's only 1,5 hour by car to cross Belgium and reach the French border. We often took our trips there because it's a beautiful scenery and lovely small villages. If the weather was nice, we sat on the terrace and watch the people go by, while drinking coffee and hot chocolate with cream (of course!).

We only took the small country roads, using the map of my navigator as guidance, because then we didn't have to speed up so much and we could enjoy the country side.

My Mom's 97th Birthday

Taking a trip through Belgium
Taking a trip through Belgium | Source

My Mom's 98th Birthday

The Sun Was a Bit Too Bright at Lunch

My mom at the age of 98
My mom at the age of 98 | Source

I Love You Dear Mom - 98th Birthday

How long will it take to write you a rhyme,
in which I'm saying "I love you, dear Mom".
If I should wait, I could run out of time,
surprised by the moment when Death will come.

Don't know if I've told you those words enough,
how long will it take to write you a rhyme.
I could take my chance in calling Death bluff,
if I should wait, I could run out of time.

Will you be thrilled by a letter from me,
in which I'm saying "I love you, dear Mom"?
I'll write it right now, then I'll never be,
surprised by the moment when Death will come.

Written in RenRhyme

Getting Old Is Not the Problem, Being Old Sometimes Needs a Bit of Adjustment

Sometimes it's good to read the books about getting old, because we're all getting old whether we want to or not. Aging is a process none of us can stop or control. Ever so often our mind is not in compliance with our physical age. Although I know people with whom it's the other way around.

My mom has always been young in spirit. She took great interest in what was going on in the world, she read books on the discovery of the universe and she was a great nature lover up till the end that she was physical not able anymore to drive her invalid scooter.

Nines Curtal Sonnet - a Curtal Sonnet with a Little Twist

My Mom almost 99 years old
My Mom almost 99 years old | Source

She's my Mom, not perfect Angel like,
but with humor far beyond my laughs.
Comforting when fallen from my bike,
showed that one, could also be two halves.

Ninety nine, still drives her scootmobile,
gestures show we sometimes are alike.
Her mind? Slipping bits of memory.

Silent wish with every falling star,
when time's there, her humor stays with me.

More about the Curtal Sonnet

My Mom's 99th Birthday

Happy Birthday Mom, You're 99 Now

My Mom's 99th birthday
My Mom's 99th birthday | Source

A Special Birthday Celebration

Due to severe illness of both my brothers in law, my sisters hadn't seen my mom in a long time. My mom's health was not in a state that I could take her on a long trip in my van and stay in a hotel.

Then I heard from a friend about a special ambulance service, set up by a male ambulance nurse to help old and/or terminal ill people to fulfill a last wish. It's called Ambulance Wish.

I contacted them and told them about my mom's wish to celebrate her 99th birthday with all her kids and family near where my sisters live, so they could come too. I wasn't sure if she would qualify, because she was old, but not terminal ill, but they accepted her wish. They have this special equipped ambulance and there are always two trained volunteers and they do this all for free. They depend on the donations and gifts they get. I have lots of respect for these people.

I arranged a lunch in a restaurant 3 hours drive from my mom's home and close to both my sisters' homes. It was situated in the woods, it had an old fashioned children's playground and a mini zoo (fun for the little ones). They had to drive two hours to get to my mom's house and they picked her up at about 10.00am and our eldest daughter Iske May was accompanying my mom. Then they drove for three hours to the restaurant, they stayed all day with us and in the late afternoon they brought my mom home again and then had to drive two hours back to their own homes.

Photos of My Mom's 99th Birthday

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Mom's 99th BirthdayMom's 99th BirthdayMom's 99th BirthdayMom's 99th Birthday
Mom's 99th Birthday
Mom's 99th Birthday | Source
Mom's 99th Birthday
Mom's 99th Birthday | Source
Mom's 99th Birthday
Mom's 99th Birthday | Source
Mom's 99th Birthday
Mom's 99th Birthday | Source

My Mom in 2010

In October 2010 my mom fell again and injured another dorsal vertebra and got operated again. It took a bit longer to recover this time.

Her Body Aging, Her Spirit Young

She never lost her humor
She never lost her humor | Source

My Mom and Our Two Girls

Mom and her grand daughters Iske May and Lynn Karijn
Mom and her grand daughters Iske May and Lynn Karijn | Source

Almost 100 Years Old

My Mom Getting an Interview in 2011

Interview with my mom
Interview with my mom | Source

Getting Her Life Story in a Book

It appears that there are more people of 100+ living in our province then in any other province in The Netherlands and a journalist came up with the idea of making a book about that. So they're going to interview all who are still sound in mind, to write their stories down and put them all together. Don't know if she will live long enough to see the actual book, but at least she will keep living through the book.

I don't think she will be driving her invalid scooter this summer anymore, because walking around is getting harder and harder. Her world is getting smaller and smaller, but she still enjoys life. I truly hope she will be there on August 24, to reach her milestone of 100 years, a whole century in which she participated in her own way. If she does we'll have a party.

Her physical abilities are decreasing, she has arthritis in her hands. That's why she's wearing gloves and that's why she can't work on the computer anymore. She used to get cortisone injections every six months.

Update on my Mom

My mom is in the hospital

May 7, 2011

My mom is still in the hospital, but a good thing is that she doesn't need another operation. They will get her an overall check up and most likely she's allowed to go home again in the next week.

July 1, 2011

My mom got all depressed in the hospital, due to having to do nothing else but sitting in a chair all day. She couldn't look out the window, she couldn't watch the telly (the other patients didn't want it on) and so the idea popped into her head that getting 100 years old wasn't as enjoyable as she thought. I took her home to be in her own enviremont again, but the idea stayed. She has lost her fighting spirit, she hardly eats her meals and she just wants it to be over and done with. I can understand why she's feeling this way. She always loved her independence and she lost that too when walking around got too risky. She's confined to her bed and she doesn't like it.

August 11, 2011

My Mom is doing well according to the circumstances. She doesn't eat very much anymore and she can't walk by herself, but she's still there and it seems she's going to reach her birthday after all.

A Beautiful Moment

Your New Great Grandson


Named After Dad: Synco Schram De Jong

Your new great grandson Synco was born on June 3, 2011 and came to visit you when he was six weeks old, only to fall asleep on your chest.

He was named after the love of your life, my dad and as his mother had taken on our last name many years ago, we now have another Synco Schram de Jong in the family. Let's hope he'll inherit the artistic skills of his great granddad.

She Made It!!!!!

My mommy Muys is 100 years old.

August 24, 2011

moms picture in the newspaper
moms picture in the newspaper | Source

First Came the Newspaper Photographer

The photographer came to take your picture for the newspaper, a journalist came to write a little story. The mayor came to congratulate you. You got a letter from the Dutch Queen, from the government who pays your pension (who also send you flowers), from the commissioner of the Province. People of your church came to visit and other friends you've known. You got a load of Birthday cards from all over the world and so many flowers that we had to take some home with us.

Happy Birthday Mom, You're 100 Years Old Now

moms 100th birthday decoration
moms 100th birthday decoration | Source

A Colorful Decoration 4 X 5 X 5 = 100

I was afraid that if I wrote you a poem before you actually turned 100 years old, you wouldn't make it, so I waited. But you made it!!! so now it was time for me to write you a birthday poem and you know what? Each time I started, the words didn't come and I got easily distracted by other things. Why? I don't know. Maybe I'm still a bit afraid, who knows.

Today you are a celebrity,

you lived a whole darn century,

this is the privilege of few.

Photos of My Mom's 100th Birthday Celebration

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Letter from the Dutch QueenBalloons everywhereSurprise surpriseMy mom and granddaughter Iske MayGathered all togetherAt the end of the day: Prosit with my hubby
Letter from the Dutch Queen
Letter from the Dutch Queen | Source
Balloons everywhere
Balloons everywhere | Source
Surprise surprise
Surprise surprise | Source
My mom and granddaughter Iske May
My mom and granddaughter Iske May | Source
Gathered all together
Gathered all together | Source
At the end of the day: Prosit with my hubby
At the end of the day: Prosit with my hubby | Source

I Love You Mom

100 years old
100 years old | Source

"Nobody Lives Forever" You Said

You made it Mommy Muys, it's been a century today,
one hundred years have passed, you lived them your own way.
Taking care of other people, was written in your heart.
It was your natural
gesture, never expected a reward.

You loved the beauty of nature, always counting the colors green,
that she provided on our trips, most colors green I've ever seen.
Your world has become quite small, you can't walk by yourself anymore.
Your quality of life has lost its glare, can't do the things you so adore.

For me, you said, it's been enough, I've lived my life of love,
this small world doesn't suit me well, you told your God above.
Let's hope he'll answer your prayers, by giving you permission one day,
to climb the lightened stairs to Heaven and welcome you to stay.

Cityhall Said Mom Needed a New Id Card

They Couldn't Take Her Fingerprints

Januari 26, 2012

Last week she got a letter from the Town hall that she needed a new ID card. I took the phone and asked the lady if that was really necessary, because my mom was over 100 years and going nowhere anymore, but she said it had to be done and that she was coming over, because she needed a digital finger print. Well we made an appointment, because I had to be there too to open the door. The lady came and after testing all of my Mom's fingers, she still got no print at all.

On that my Mom commented:

'Well dear lady, what did you expect from 100 year old fingers? I used them a lot and now, after so many years, they're smooth like an ale's skin'.

I almost fell of my chair from laughing and the result was that my mom now has a new ID card without a finger print.

I Made a Scrapbook for My Mom's 100th Birthday

100 jaar muys
100 jaar muys | Source

Your Own Book

I finally finished the book 100 jaar Muys (100 year Muys) as a remembrance of my Mom's 100th Birthday on August 24, 2011. I scanned the old photo albums and all the cards she got. Put in the poems I wrote to her in past years. Muys is pronounced the same as muis, which means mouse in English. Her father called her 'my little mouse' when she was a tiny, little girl.

I Made a Book for My Mom - a Fine Memory for When She's No Longer with Us

Click thumbnail to view full-size

A Year Has Passed...

Today my Mom will be 101 years old

August 24, 2012

Today My Mom Reached the Age of 101 Years

My mom 101 years old
My mom 101 years old | Source

Hurray, We Have Another Birthday to Celebrate

Dear Mom,

I've written so many poems for you
and you make me write some more.
I'm grateful that you're still around
as I wrote once before.

You're still enjoying life you say,
though sometimes you are not.
You grieve that young ones die too soon,
not given all the time you've got.

Today I'll kiss you're bony cheeks
and tell you that I love you.
You'll dig up stories of your past
and tell me that you love me too.

So many of your friends have died,
it's lonely at the top you say,
so I'll make sure my sweet old mom,
that you won't be lonely at all today.

Happy Birthday My Dear Mommy Muys

She Did It Again

Well, she did it again, today August 24, 2012, my Mom is 101 years old. I can hardly imagine it is really happening.

Today at 10.30am local time, the mayor of Sluis will visit my mom to congratulate her. It's a custom in this part of my country (and probably in the small villages in other parts too) that the mayor will visit inhabitants who reach the age of 100 and older. So I have to dress up and be there to let him in and give him some coffee and a piece of cake.

Tomorrow, on Saturday, some family members will come over for a small family reunion celebration.

A Selfie with Granddaughter Lynn Karijn

Mom and Lynn Karijn, October 3, 2012
Mom and Lynn Karijn, October 3, 2012 | Source

101 Years Old: Happy Birthday Mom

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The Mayor and a neighborMommy Muys all dressed upMy daughter Iske May and my sister MarijkeSister Marijke and Mommy Muys13 months old Synco (named after my late Dad)
The Mayor and a neighbor
The Mayor and a neighbor | Source
Mommy Muys all dressed up
Mommy Muys all dressed up | Source
My daughter Iske May and my sister Marijke
My daughter Iske May and my sister Marijke | Source
Sister Marijke and Mommy Muys
Sister Marijke and Mommy Muys | Source
13 months old Synco (named after my late Dad)
13 months old Synco (named after my late Dad) | Source

The 100+ Year Old People Book Is Finished - It Will Be Presented on November 3, 2012 and My Mom Is in It.

Zeeuwlingen | Source

Clever Word Play

I wrote above about the interview my mom had for the book containing the stories of a number of people in the Province Zeeland, who have reached the age of 100+ years.

Well, it's finished and it will be presented on November 3, 2012. It's not possible anymore to get my mom over there, so I will go to get the copy of the book on her behalf.

The picture shows the invitation. The title of the book is not really translatable; it's a Dutch wordplay and a very suitable one. I can try to explain.

Zeeuw = how we call the people who live in the Province Zeeland

eeuw = the Dutch word for century

eeuwling = how we call people who are 100 years old

Zeeuwlingen = people who are 100+ years old and live in the province Zeeland

That's all. A clever word play indeed.

I Published This Article and Then This Happened

The Most Amazing Comment on This Tribute to My Mom

A Voice That Roused up Memories from Almost 70 Years Ago

I got this comment on this article:

Mirjam Allouch-Spalter Jan 16, 2013 @ 8:33 am

I can't believe what I just read!!!!! The story of Tante Muis! I am Mirjam, daughter of Lotte en Georges who stayed with them during WW2 It is a long story to tell how I got to this, but I will another time. Titia, I am moved to tears, Is your mom, Tante Muis still with us? I am living in Israel, not far from Irma, some years ago your mom visited us here. Love to you all and especially to Tante Muys

My Mom sheltered a Jewish couple in her house between 1940 and 1945, they survived, kept in touch till they passed away and now their daughter Mirjam, has found this article on the internet. How small the world has become. I'm thrilled and thankful.

Note: a few months ago I got this phone call from a journalist, asking photos and the story about my mom and dad hiding Jewish people in their home during WW2. I gave him all the information I had and he got information from Mirjam Allouch-Spalter too and the result was a beautiful article on a webpage called "Stolpersteine".

Stolpersteine are special stones they embed in the sidewalks before a house in the big cities where once Jews found a hiding place. This Journalist is collecting all the stories from the people who lived in the city of Dordrecht. This is his website Stolpersteine Dordrecht It's in Dutch, but maybe you can use the Google translation.

Update February 18, 2013

The Beginning of the End?

Today you said a lot of things,
but they only made sense
to you.
Thoughts of the past
were playing
hide and seek
and you couldn't understand
that I didn't understand
the stories you told.
Then you said:
"I sure hope she's coming
back tomorrow".
I asked: "Who mom?"
"The Fairy" you said.
"I hope she does too" I said
and I wondered if today was
just a glitch, or
the beginning of the end.

Update February 25, 2013

It seemed to have been just a day off. Everyone has days off, but my mom's mind travelled far that day into a past I have no memories of. She's doing alright again, though she doesn't enjoy life the way she did when she didn't have to be so depending on other people day and night. I can fully understand that.

She had another day like that and it was just heart breaking to watch. Seems it all had to do with the fact that drinking not enough can cause hallucinations. The nurses will see to it that she will not get dehydrated again.

Update March 20, 2013


We Moved Mom's Bed to the Living Room

We just moved mom to the living room so she has a lot more window to look outside. There's a big tree at the right and she can watch it getting greener and greener when towards the summer the birds will sit in it and sing their song.

And Then Her Life Was Over

April 21, 2013 The End

Today, April 21, 2013 my sweet mommy Muys passed away. I'm happy for her, because she didn't want to live any longer anymore. I'm happy that she hasn't suffered, I'm happy that she got the best care she could get. I'm happy that she finally could move over to the other side she so believed in.

Farewell sweet mom of mine,
farewell, farewell.
I'm glad you've found your heaven
and finally found your peace.
You didn't want it anymore,
living amongst the living,
I've lived too long you said.
Today you may rest,
lay down your head and heart.
Slow down the rhythm of life's song
until silence speaks.
Farewell sweet mom of mine.


May your soul rest in peace.

Update Oktober 16, 2013

I just had to come in here to see my mom again and read what I had written all those years. Digging up some memories with a smile on my face. My own quiet corner so to speak. Knowing it's alright.

Update January 6, 2014

First Christmas and New Year without my mom and while I was making her special Rosette Cookies I thought of her and it was good.

Update April 21, 2014 - One Year of Memories

Poems to my Mom
Poems to my Mom | Source

One Day I'll Be Ready

It's been a year since you left us,
but you are still with me.
Just because....-
I haven't found the right place yet,
to put you to eternal rest.

You're standing in your little corner,
watching our ups and downs,
our laughter and still moments.
You're part of us and will ever be.

One day I'll be ready,
to set you free.

© 2011 Titia Geertman

I Loved My Mom and Memories Are Precious. I'm Lucky to Have Beautiful Memories.

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    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 6 days ago from Texas

      Titia, beautiful poems to your mother. She was a very beautiful woman, I am sorry for you loss.

      Blessings always

    • LiliMarlene profile image

      Elisabeth Meier 2 months ago

      Wow. Thanks for sharing.

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 5 months ago from USA

      She was still beautiful. What a lovely lady and tribute to her.

    • Sunkesner profile image

      Sunkesner 19 months ago from Philippines

      Wow! Just wow! What a hub. :)

    • Sed-me profile image

      Sed-me 2 years ago from An undisclosed location.

      What a sweet tribute. I can't believe she broke her neck and recovered. What a strong woman.

    • CrossCreations profile image

      Carolan Ross 2 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      What an inspirational and absolutely STUNNING tribute to your mother! Be very proud of this gorgeous page. Surely your mom is. KUDOS!

    • Paul Ward profile image

      Paul 2 years ago from Liverpool, England

      Revisiting with pleasure

    • williamslaw profile image

      williamslaw 3 years ago

      What an amazing woman your mother was. God bless her and God bless all her children.

    • smine27 profile image

      Shinichi Mine 3 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      This was such a heartfelt story about an amazing woman. Reading it made me smile and I hung onto every single word you've written. Your poems about your mother was absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

    • k4shmir profile image

      k4shmir 4 years ago

      Thanks for sharing .. I enjoyed every little story ..

    • joseph-sottile-16 profile image

      joseph-sottile-16 4 years ago

      We can see your limitless love for your mom in these poems.

      Poet Joe

    • greenspirit profile image

      poppy mercer 4 years ago from London

      With my mum in her final phase to another life, I found your account deeply moving. I don't have the relationship that you had, but still feel the mystery and momentousness as I watch a life change into it's final phases. Your words, poems and care track it so beautifully. Thank you for doing what I can't for my Mum.

    • profile image

      poutine 4 years ago

      Wonderful tribute to your mom.

      I only had the pleasure of my mom for 86 years and cherished every moment I was with her.

    • erbeaz profile image

      erbeaz 4 years ago

      What a blessing for you to have your mother for so long and to share her with us! Thanks.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 4 years ago from Central Florida

      @anonymous: I also lost my mom in January. Sigh, I had hoped that she would live to 95 or 100 like your mother. It was not to be.

      You are right, that they reach a point when they don't wish to struggle and go on anymore.

    • gottaloveit2 profile image

      gottaloveit2 4 years ago

      Titia: I read every single word of your beautiful article with tears in my eyes. My own cherished Mom died last year at 96 years of age. All that you documented happened for us also. What a lovely woman your mom was and what an amazing daughter you are. I wish you peace, dear. Lori

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Titia, I know something about trying not to be upset at the passing of a Mother - it was well past my Mum's time when she passed in January but much as you tell yourself it was for the best, the emotions are so complicated. I busied myself with arranging Mum's funeral but it was only after it was over that the missing her and the grieving really began.

      Take time for yourself Titia and know that my thoughts are with you and your family. Sending you virtual hugs.

    • flycatcherrr profile image

      flycatcherrr 4 years ago

      Titia, it has been a privilege to get to know your mother a little bit through your writing, and I know all those wonderful memories give you strength and comfort in the days ahead. May we all have such grace when our own time comes... My deep condolences to you on your Mom's passing.

    • profile image

      Kapalbility 4 years ago

      I saw the update in the unofficial forum. I just prayed for her soul. She was an amazing woman.

    • pkmcruk profile image

      pkmcr 4 years ago from Cheshire UK

      Simply wonderful lens and my thoughts and prayers are with you today. May her soul Rest in Peace

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