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Updated on March 18, 2015


Poetry is the art of expressing your feelings through a rhyming rhythm. Or a non-rhyming, it doesn't matter. This lens is totally a work in progress. You can add your own poems in the comment section or just read other people's poems. But please, NO foul language, the comments are approved and disapproved by me. Any comments with foul language will not be included.

The Hope

My Poem

I am a lonely girl

Living in a lonely world

I don't know where to turn

Or who to turn to

My dad is gone

I'm all alone

People say that it's alright

That it will get better

But they don't know the pain that I feel

It huddles deep within

Gets into all the corners

Then fills you up

And finally consumes you

Until you are unrecognizable


And everyone stays away

Because they don't know you anymore

You want to say I'm sorry

For all the things you've said

But the doubt that they will believe you

And the fear that they won't forgive

Keeps you from saying all the things you want to say

So I'm sorry, I can't do it

I'm scared that you won't believe

That I really, truly mean it

In every single way

I love the way you easily forgive

Thank you for believing me

When nobody else did

You kept me going

You saved me from drowning

In this pit of deep despair

Your forgiveness is like a bright light

In the darkness I've come to know

You're my one and only friend

That keeps me from going below

Poetry Video

A video of Sarah Kay. Poem: "Hands"

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Your Poetry

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    • Josephina12 profile image

      Josephina12 4 years ago

      Come on, people, we need some new poetry!