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Poems from my heart!

Updated on March 31, 2018
darkrose46 profile image

I have been writing poems since I was a little girl. I have always had a knack for writing. I enjoy writing poems and short stories!

Life is but an illusion!

I depict this picture as a true statement. Many times during our lives we lose ourselves to many different things, only finding ourselves again when the illusion of our choices have become seen!
I depict this picture as a true statement. Many times during our lives we lose ourselves to many different things, only finding ourselves again when the illusion of our choices have become seen! | Source

Todd Walters

You drank your life away, you let your intentions go, you left behind two kids, you let our world fall apart, you traveled to another place, where there you may be at rest, but you left your soul lying in a graveyard full of worms and other creatures, you left behind the life you knew, to start a new life, I miss you everyday, and some days I can't think straight, why did you have to go? Why did it bother you so much? You could have done so much better, instead you ended your life, and you were bitter. I miss you daddy Todd, R.I.P forever more!

One of the poems I had received a poetry award winning publication through

I sit with envy!

I sit with envy , in my cold cold bed, with all of the thoughts just running through my head, thinking about all the stuff that I said, hoping and wishing you don't hate me because, i'm in love with someone else!

Another poem I received a poetry award winning publication through

Mended-Matthew West

Mended soul!

Heart of sorrow, eyes full of tears, mind so dismayed, that you don't know who you are, people born, people grow, people perish, and then there is more, darkness is coming, it will soon be here, it will take the very last breath and soul of a person, it shall take the very essence of my soul, for all the rest is silent.

Poem I wrote 12-5-11

Broken-Lindsey Haun


When your broken into a million little pieces, and you feel like no one cares, just raise your head up high, close your eyes, while you shed a single tear, your mind is twisted, the noise of words restricted, the feel of sight to much to bear, people come and go, but their memories last forever, life is fragile, it can sometimes be miserable, unless you find yourself somewhere in the middle, life is to short to be anyone but who your supposed to be.

Poem I wrote 8-10-11

A thousand years-Christina Perri

Love will save me!

Tears run down my cheeks, while blood runs through my veins, while I grow more and more each day, death creeps closer, minute by minute, taking my last breath away, taking my soul to another place, showing me the other side, lifes a chance worth taking, love is my strongest will, love is the only thing to save me, through an unbroken bond I live.

Poem I wrote 2-9-13

Don't you wanna stay-Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson

Inside of me!

Another night I watch the stars pass me by, another tear shed of unspoken fears, another weakness brought into the open, another piece of my heart is left unspoken, the more I stay, the more I see, I understand you don't care about me, 4 1/2 months pregnant, and I've never felt so alone, sitting in utter darkness, and realizing what we once had was gone, the more my heart is left in pieces and broken, the more I see me being alone.

Poem I wrote 7-3-12

Six feet from the edge-Creed

Lost soul!

You will see a child every day in the halls, always talking to no one at all, never a smile but always a frown, never a laugh, but always a cry, he's just another stranger inside, the sores on his wrists, bring blood like rain, as he runs the blade of arrows through his veins, he imagines the people he will miss, he closes his eyes and wishes for death, now he knows he will never die.

Poem I wrote 1-1-12

New York Yankees!

This picture reminds me of my grandfather who passed away in 2009. The Yankees were his favorite baseball team.
This picture reminds me of my grandfather who passed away in 2009. The Yankees were his favorite baseball team. | Source

Grandpa Virgil!

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, you will be missed, and forever loved, now you're underground, with your flowers all around, now your up in heaven, watching over us all, making sure we don't get in trouble, and taking over our hearts, so ashes to ashes, and dust to dust, may your soul rest in peace, and forever be loved.

Poem I wrote 7-29-09

Winters kiss!

Cold winters chill, drifting through the trees, my ears start to ring, while my body starts to freeze, where is thy blood that should keep me warm? Stars flying through the sky, drifting past my sight, I speed down the road, fearful for my life, i'm running, always running, until the car starts to die, I swerve for the turn, the engine roars, surrendering my escape, I hear a car approaching, I run into the woods, I climb up branch after branch, until I feel as though I can reach the sky, I hear footsteps nearing, I hold my breath, I suddenly feel a pain, I see an arrow protruding through my chest, I fall to the ground, close my eyes, and wait for death.

Poem I wrote 1-10-12

Don't blink-Kenny Chesney


Before you were conceived I wanted you, When you were conceived I loved you, Before you were born I cherished you, While you were in my womb, I felt you move, I seen you, I heard your heart beating, you turned into the essence of my being, When I gave birth to you and held you for the first time, you made my world so bright, mommy loves you so, my little bebino.

Poem I wrote 4-26-13

You're gonna miss this-Trace Adkins


A winters kiss lying on your grave, your soul untouched and unskathed, your heart beats no longer, tears will never fall again, the angels have taken you, for it was no longer your time to reign, oxygen escaped you, and with that you took your last breath.

Poem I wrote 6-23-11

© 2018 BleedingHeart


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    • darkrose46 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 months ago from Missouri

      Thanks sis. And I love Matthew West's music, it's soothing. And thanks

    • profile image

      Katy Bolin 

      7 months ago

      Well done sis!! Especially love that you used a song by Matthew West!! Very well done!! I'm so proud of you!!

    • darkrose46 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 months ago from Missouri

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Also thank you for your advice as well. I look forward to reading more of your amazing articles!

    • anncarcat profile image

      Ann Carney 

      8 months ago from UK

      Your poems are beautiful. I look forward to reading more of your work. Well done for making those first steps on a long and successful writing career.


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