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Dark Places

Updated on July 23, 2010

I’ve fallen so hard that I’m not sure of how to get back up

But you were there and became my good luck

My rock, my heart, my angel full of grace

Of beauty and reassurance, in life’s crazy rat race

Of trouble and grief in a world full of pain

And I existed in it all, thought I’d go insane

But you were there and kept me grounded

When all was lost and I was dumbfounded

When life took quite a turn

No books or text can ever help me learn

I must make the choices, the mistakes on my own

To find out and really know

To live and learn, love and lose

Figure out how to choose

Wonder about what would transpire

If I didn’t trip through life’s twisted, rusty wire

Hadn’t had you there with me

Help me learn that life wont always be…

Just like this, constantly climatic

You showed me life’s trick and I’m quite good at it

You were there for me Mom, in every possible way

And because of you, I got through my hardest days.

You helped me out of my darkest place

My rock, my heart, my angel full of grace.



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