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Elesbee'S Dream

Updated on May 14, 2017


Scenery that seldom be forgotten

Anticipating to dwell for years or ‘till I’m breathin’

Nobody can tell WHEN even Nostradamus when he’s prophesyin’


Most of you will stay” the mago said while I’m listenin’

Indistinctly, he’s utterin’ and in my ear he’s whisperin’

Go, You must believe that you could”

Undeniably, if it’s meant to be, I know it would”

Eagerness to strive is always in mind

Lengthen the rope of patience is needed and that’s would be fine


No! Sometimes, I almost give up and losin’

and the shadow of laziness always creepin’

till I stumble and dying hopelessly

In my body and soul poisoned me incessantly

One day I realized ” Why should I give up?”

No one or nothing could ruin my dreams so, still… I stood up

And it’s started to glow inside of me

Louder and louder…aged prophet’s shouting at me


HIGH and high! Fly up to the sky!


Soar and soar…reach your goal! Go!

Chase every “nega” that wanted to devour you!

Hindrance of your dreams must be trampled, so I dare you!

Oh! I suddenly awaked... it seems a tale

Only, I’m dreamin’ I thought it’s real

Lastly, I… then pray to achieve my goal successfully


( I wrote this piece for the competition in our school, San Miguel National High School, for SPEECH CHOIR)

*On the day of presentation, they were all surprised when I announced that I, myself wrote this poem.

*Supposed to be the title is LSB stands for Local School Board...I am LSB teacher...who only has below of basic salary compare to the regular teacher. However, I didn't lose my hope that someday I become like them too. I've just lengthen the rope of patience.


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