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poems of love and friendship

Updated on October 7, 2011

poems of love and friendship

With I you Have Everything,

Without you I Do not have Anything,

For you Exchange Everything,

As only a Simple Look.

Every that I Think about You,

I Feel the Great thing that I You Want,

Because You Matter Very much for my,

And it(he,she) is Very big what I Sit(Feel).

Your Pretty Black Eyes,

They Look like 2 Brilliant Pearls,

And Thanks to Them,

Fall in love in an Instant.

I love it when you say "No",

Although I would prefer a "Yes"

And make my heart beat,

Every time you see it coming.

I want to be my girlfriend,

And so Tenerte next to me,

I think about my Every Time,

As I think of you.


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