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Soul mates?

Updated on February 24, 2013

True Love.

My love...

It's strange to feel you so close and yet still not know you.

Your presence has haunted my dreams for so long.

The kindness in your eyes.

The safety and security in being near you.

It almost drives me insane to not know where you are.

But I can feel you

Drawing near

But it also pains me

Because there is another with me right now

And although I know I have loved you beyond time can measure

I cannot help but be afraid of this inevitable choice.

The moment I must break either yours or his heart.

He is not meant to be mine, after all

How can I give myself to him and know that you are as much a piece of me

Like my own beating heart?

I love you, I love him.

But this ache in my heart needs to be silenced.

And only knowing you, knowing the safety, security and love you bring

Will end this all.

For now, I wait for you to find me

You were the one to say "Trust me, I will always find you"


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    • CollegeWriter92 profile image

      Krista 4 years ago from Streetsboro,OH

      Thank you and I know but unfortunately that is how it can be sometimes.

    • Valorie Esquilona profile image

      Valorie Esquilona 4 years ago from Philippines

      lovely.. your style of poetry writing is awesome..but the story is so sad.

    • bizarrett81 profile image

      bizarrett81 4 years ago from Maine

      Poignant and beautiful... being torn can be maddening...