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Updated on July 11, 2010

Who would have known this could happen

To meet and Love with no conditions

Now we're left in unpleasant positions.

We hurt, I cry, Your pain, so why?


How can we?

What should we?

I love you...

It hurts...



You make me happy, and put a smile on my face

But when you hurt I hurt and I cant take this space

I need you around all the time

Without you, Im crushed and broken inside

Hearing your laugh makes me come back to life

and I think, do I have potential to be your wife?


How can we?

What should we?

I love you...

It hurts...


I feel like Im Juliet and you are my Romeo

Separated by this world, but connected by the one we share...

With all the is right in this world, why is this so unfair?

The distance, hurt, pain, anger, sadness is all worth...

sharing such precious time with you in our own little 'Earth'

One with just laughter, love and joy

So dont think my love is a ploy...


I want 'us'

We should be 'us'

I love you...

It hurts...


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