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Updated on December 13, 2012

The Lovers perception

it always starts off good with kisses and many wishes

next the sweet talk fades and then come the disses

i remember way back when

every word was full of loving

we were perfect

and i knew you were it

my soul mate

oh how i will never forget the first date

nor that first kiss

from them juicy tender lips

but now they tend to be sour and bitter

at a time it seem to get better

but then again

you stop answering the phone till ten

so all that time i sit thinking

other men

creeping into my treasure

stealing all my pleasure

i cant believe we have came to this

the only good time i have with you is when i reminisce

with the old memories

and all our history

you used to be all i need

the one thing my heart would greed

but now i look at our seed

and wonder if it was infected by a weed

stop lying and tell me

I'm crazy

forever thinking we'd last forever

through the good or bad weather

but you flew off with the first breeze

and let my heart freeze

now I'm full of hate

wishing we never had that first date

nor that first glance

or the magical romance

love me, hate me

just don't play me

this love thing

these men and ladies sing

never tell the other side

when you unleash your true inside

the you behind the facade

a roller coaster ride

ups down

then the you messing around

i had enough

my emotions seem to erupt

i hate you

from the little things you do

you have no clue

if you think i wont leave you

find me something better

because i know i can do better

every time you open your mouth

something stupid come out

that love you gave

is not the love i crave

i need someone real

who can agree to this lovable deal

never change from the first sight

cause that first sight

brighten my life

that's the type a woman i want to be my wife


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  • Cris A profile image

    Cris A 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

    wow it felt like there was a beat or cadence while i was reading this, its very rhytmic! nice :D