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Updated on August 11, 2012

I love you with every bit of my heart

And it’s tearing me apart

But I don’t want you to leave

You’re everything to me

And if you leave I wouldn’t be able to go on

You’re going to be a year older soon

But I’m not even a second wiser

Everything I say tears you apart

And let’s not even start about what you’ve said to me

There is no hope for us

And that’s ok

But I still love you with all my heart

So please don’t leave me

Don’t let it all fall apart

I know you care but sometimes it seems that you don’t

It’s the same with everyone it’s just worse with you

Because I can’t forget about you

But you leaving would only make it worse

All I need is someone for me

And I know that I’ll find someone someday

But it’s hard to wait

When I have never had anyone for me

You helped me grow up

You taught me things I never knew

You introduced me to so many things

And even if you leave it won’t stop me from loving you

In the end it’s just so frustrating

But that’s life

I’ll fall in the run

And tell you to go on

I’ll be where you are someday

And I know we won’t be together

But in the end I can still love you



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