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Chivs86 Poetry Presents:Frankenstein's Bride

Updated on April 21, 2014

Frankenstein’s Bride.

If I could have you arms
that would be all that I want
but if I could
her bottom...
and this next girls top...

This good girl who’s my friends personality
with this woman who I don’t know that well -
but is fit - her smile
Along with
that blonde barmaids tits
with the caring nature
of my lady neighbour
Put with...
this chick I used to know
her tight thighs
I’d be lucky
if I could use the green eyes
of this other girl
the beautiful soul
of this other girl
the kind heart of this one
I used to love
with the fight of this girl
I used to like
that would be my Frankenstein bride.

Part 2

Now let me explain this in a rhyme!
they took the best body parts
to make Frankenstein.
- Mary Shelley’s monster -
The Dr. brought him to life.
what I always thought is right...
what if I could make a wife -
out of every single woman
I had in my life
that I fell in love with
at any certain time
and took the best parts
out of every single one of them
could this
make my heart content
and would this make it POSSIBLE
to never have
to fall in love again!


For this poem basically I have used the idea of the Mary Shelley story of Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster. Now I probably don’t need to explain this to people as I’m sure most people will know Frankenstein’s monster as one of the most famous of all monsters, but anyway here’s the basis of this piece of writing. In the Frankenstein story it’s about one mad scientists plan to resurrect a dead human being, but taking this a step further what Dr. Frankenstein does is takes several corpses; e.g – of the most intelligent, strongest, fastest, most charismatic, most beautiful – to take the best parts from each one. Which didn’t quite go to plan –the end result was Frankenstein – hardly the perfect model for human life, but carrying on.

My idea for this poem is a hypothetical one. My Frankenstein is a female. Strange, but my concept is that if I could take a piece of every girl that I ever liked something about than I would have the perfect woman. Kind of a bit like Mr Potato-head really where you stick the different eyes on, different nose, different arms, shoes etc., but with actual human body parts. Morbid I know, but what I have always thought is this that nothing is perfect, and will never be so. If I ever got married I’d be pretty aware of this – I wouldn’t want perfect anyway – just for things to feel right, but as a thinker I do ask myself this question what would perfect be like?


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    • chivs86 profile image

      chivs86 3 years ago from Baldock/ Letchworth, Hertfordshire. UK

      Poetry month? Never knew that - funny I haven't hardly published anything all year. I published another one today also

      Let us know what you think of that also if you don't mind.

      Happy poetry month to you also by the way.

    • word55 profile image

      Word 3 years ago from Chicago

      Hello there chivs86, you have a pretty cool imagination that is quite creative and poetic too. Happy Poetry Month!