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Poetry Is Alive

Updated on November 3, 2014

Poetry is Alive - The Current and Future of Poetry

Though its forms have changed over centuries, poetry is Alive! In this hub, I explore the subject of poetry from personal experience and continued discovery.

All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with Permission

Poets still write

For readers' delight

Their hearts speak

To lift up the weak

— MyFairLadyah

Thank You, Thank You

On Reading Poetry Aloud to an Audience of Strangers

Thank you, Thank you

For being here to listen

While we poets profess

Our heart held convictions

Know that you are an essential element

To this experience

To this sharing of ourselves

An approving, civil audience

That listens and perhaps hears

What some of us say

This venue, where our free words are spoken

Is essential too

Thank you, Thank you

For being here to listen

Getting Over Stage Fright - Help You in Reciting Poetry Aloud and Other Helpful Ideas

I'm Taking a Big Chance

I'm taking a big chance

See, my poetry doesn't go askance

I try to paint a picture, tell a story

And I don't write the for glory

But I'd like you who hear or read

To be planted with the seed

To love the words and mood

That they would do some good

To have you think or give you calm

Or even rise you up in alarm

That the meter is pleasant

Let this be a gift; a present

A lifelong love of the poetic

I, the poet, being prophetic

This is the best that I can give

That my words shall live

Love of Language Always to Empower

Will the current writings be forgotten

As we speedily hurtle towards the new

I say that would certainly be rotten

But it's not too likely that would ensue

The future beckons with new technology

We may all have tablet readers one day

Yet, Nostradamus' quatrains of astrology

Obscure as they were, are known today

And, too, Chaucer, Milton and Spencer

Still are dissected in Literature class

Though the language somewhat denser

We won't be left in a boring morass

We will always value what is well written

And find some way to access and devour

The new generations will yet be smitten

With love of language always to empower

Into the Future

Into the future the poet shall go

And liven the soul of the reader

The words will live on, we know

Like the hundreds years old cedar

Thanks for showing you care by letting me share - Glad you came

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