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Abortion Poetry

Updated on February 11, 2019

Abortion Hurts....

Abortion hurts everyone at some point. Whether it's the mother that goes through with it, the father that has to deal with it, siblings, other family members or friends... and let's not forget the baby. This collection of poetry is toward the fight against unnecessary abortion, and the abortion rights for the baby.

The emotional heartbreak is almost beyond bearing from either perspective.

Photos and poetry found on this article are ©Jolene Belmain.

Other pictures provided by:Karen Whimsy


It didn't hurt then

but now I feel the pain.

They took you from me

and nobody was to gain.

I told them to do it,

not only they are to blame.

If only things could be undone,

so I would have you to claim.

I didn't think it would hurt

this much; this long.

I thought I would feel better

once you were gone.

The crying of a newborn baby

to me would sound like a song.

I realize now that what I did

was not only unfair to you, but wrong.

The feeling of you kicking

inside of me

would fill my heart

with such glee,

and I should've realized then

that you would be

a precious little baby

I could hold and see.

©Jolene Belmain

Today I will love you


Today, I stretched my arms.

I wiggled my toes.

I rolled my shoulders.

I touched my nose.

Today, I have more senses;

More feelings than I had yesterday.


Tomorrow, I shall feel the fresh air,

For the first and last time.

Enjoy one more moment of

My mama's heartbeat;

Of mine.

I shall taste my mama's

Favourite food,

One last time...

I wish she'd realize that this isn't her life;

But mine.

Goodbye Mama, I love you!

©Jolene Belmain

If you are thinking about getting an abortion or would like more info on abortions to make a decision, here are some websites you should research first:

On Wikipedia

Wondering what they do, or how they do it? abortion methods.

On Life Site News

WARNING ^ this site ^ has graphic photo's and content

Pregnancy can be scary... Just breath!

My life

My life; your choice

Your words; your voice

They bring sharp knife

Your choice; my life

You lay; I fight

You wrong; me right

Total darkness; bright light

Sharp pain; goodnight

Not fair; can't cry

I truthful; you lie

I say love me; you say bye

You live; I die

Going to sleep; you're tore

Me innocent; you unsure

You fine; me sore

Heartbeat no more

©Jolene Belmain

Life is precious.

Life is precious.
Life is precious.

Death of a Child

I close my eyes

and think of the past.

All of those lies

you said the pain wouldn't last.

That child could have been mine,

to have and to hold,

I thought the pain would decline

but I was given fools gold.

The child I will never know

haunts my life; my dreams.

I now have nothing to show

but regret it seems.

The death of a child

affects people so much.

I threw out my smile

while others fight for their touch.

I wasted your life

I'm so sorry I did.

It hurts more than that knife,

that took away my own kid.

I am sorry to those

who do not have the choice,

who's child's lives must foreclose

despite the words from their voice.

I shall never again

choose the death of a child.

I want labours' pain

so I can once again smile.

©Jolene Belmain

Let Me Die Before I Wake

Let me die

before I wake,

so that the Lord may

have my soul to take.

The wish I want,

you will make;

so let me die

before I wake.

Let me die

before I wake,

end my life

naturally fake.

I would rather live,

but for goodness' sake;

let me die

before I wake.

©Jolene Belmain

Killing Me Softly

I wanted to keep you

but the Dr. said "NO!"

too many complications

so you had to go

You were killing me inside

I know you didn't mean to

I am not mad at you at all

but very sad to be without you

The things that were happening

neither one of us would have made it

I'm sorry you were sacrificed

so I could live, I admit

I miss your little flutters

like butterflies in my tummy

I rub my belly and wait for you

but instead end up feeling crummy

I pray that you are taken care of

my angel you always were

I just wish I got to know you

before that mighty transfer.

©Jolene Belmain

Which poem touched your heart?

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Enjoy Every Moment

Enjoy Every Moment
Enjoy Every Moment

Remember, there is always a choice...

A touching story about a second chance at life

The Little Things...

The Little Things...
The Little Things...

Do you agree with abortion?

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Abortion Survivors: Abortion Stories - Do you have a child out there?

Here are just a few abortion stories about abortion survivors, and how they live with the fact that they were not supposed to live out their lives. It's upsetting how many mid to late term abortion cases survive, with some mothers being none the wiser.

Would you help a live abortion survive?

Would you help a live abortion survive?

See results

This disgusting act is becoming a trend across the globe. When will we learn that this is not helping anybody.

WARNING: there is very graphic content written is this LifeStyle News article.

Abandoned Babies

© 2008 JoleneBelmain


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