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Poetry on Motion

Updated on September 14, 2014

Poetry on Motion

This hub is devoted to poems about things that move. These are either original poems that I have written or poetry on the subject of motion by other authors that I have come across. I have thus chosen several books for you below

I write poetry on many many subjects that just press me to say something about them as well as reading the works of other poets.

I hope you enjoy these selections on the world of motion explored through poetry.


Vibrations shift the earth under me

Rippling like the current of the sea

Moving so subtly from a source obscure

Emanating from an instrument so pure

Pulsing with feelings undefined

Evoking an ageless unconscious mind

Vibrations shift the earth under me

All quakes, and that is how it should be

Poems of Things that Move

The Poems of Transportation

This book that I have selection is a book of poems about boats

Poetry About Birds

Here I have a selection of books with poems about birds

Poems about Machines

These are poems about machines and life in the industrial age.

Poems about Animals, Real and Imagined

Some of these books have poetry about animals that really exist while one has poems about animals that are purely imagined.

More of My Original Poetry of Things That Move

More of my original poetry about things that move can be found at

Thank You for Your Comments on Poetry of Things that Move

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