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Poetry for and from the Soul

Updated on September 4, 2014

The book

This is a book of soul filled poetry that reflects my journey of learning about love and about life. Poetry has always been a way for me to express and understand how I relate to life.



You come

Full of kisses

A smile painted

On your face





“My heart sings

To the sea

The songbird's majesty"


I love you

Lying here next to me


The sun had set


With you

The sun still


Across the sky

© Copyright 2007 Patricia Sanders. All rights reserved.

From "Poetry For and From the Soul" by Patricia Sanders

I don't know
What sudden songs
Of nature sing
Quiet, though it may seem
Slightly restless
Wandering westward
The horizon of the sun

He sleeps next to me
At night
Sweet face
Lying where I sometimes stare
What dreams
Keep him here

© Copyright 2008 Patricia Sanders. All rights reserved.

Love is a journey not a destination.

Joy's Birth

I dreamt

I gave birth

To joy

And I fed her

As she grew

Into her fullness

Her smile

Opened hearts

Her presence

Inspired a world

That had forgotten

She existed

She taught many

As she aged

Showing them

That beauty

And love

Peace and happiness

Did not need to be searched for

Or bought

But lived in their own hearts

Where they touched

God's grace

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Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.

~Kahlil Gibran on love

Poems from this book

With Open Hands

People in cars

Gathering secret


Playing mystical guitars

Not a casual sunrise

In sight

The scent of

Sacred rosebuds

Filling the air


A foreign word

To the ocean

Of fruits

In My Dreaming

Night awakens dawn

Stirring in the light

Of the glistening

Of your touch


The cat's murmur

And I consume

The hungry passion

Of your being

Calling the joy

My own

I adore

The beating

Of your heart

My eyes greet

The glisten

Of your song

I have dreamed of you

And in my dreaming


To find you here


We walk

Hand in hand

Oblivious to the shadow

Courting the synergy of

What has always been


A sure smile

A lover's symphony

I spoke

To your heart

For it called me

With it's brave intensity

And in passing months

I swam it's

Deep ocean

You spoke

To my heart

For it called you

It's own


Of desire

And love's breath

As You Stand

Flickering in the wind

As you stand beside me

Full of strength

Desire for you

Fills me

All day long

I lie here

In your arms

As eternity passes by

Pure lightning

In your hands

That cover me

Claim me

Consume me

You are all that I know

Out beyond the ocean

To where the depths

Of my heart lie

Is you

With your strong eyes

Your brave

And flame filled ties

My Fire

Sometimes words

Sit silently

Awaiting an audience

Hidden behind curtains

I peek through

To see you

In the morning heat

Rising against

The silence

That gnaws at my bones

We pass one another

A longing fills my chest

I burn

You turn

Towards me

Embracing my fire

As I nestle

Inside yours

Night Descends

Night descends

With quiet wings

Alone again

Another day

I untied my heart

Only I

Appear in the mirror

The calmness

Of the sea

Nobody here

But me

And some old


I play with

In the sand

Open Channels

He stands so strong

In the open channels

I explore

Cascading through the door

A lightning bolt

Striking cautiously

He opens books

To remind himself


Is not perfection

A slight oversight

Taken to correction

Some days

He sings

As wild fire

Other days

He whispers

And I must strain

To hear

His timid voice

Open As Can Be

Fire begins again

Be sweetness

When I touch your skin

Let loving arms

Surround me

Oh love

Don't you know

My heart is in

Your hands

Open as can be

No steel nor stone

To protect me

No thorn

Upon my crown

You still remained


Falling on your face

Tender flights


Questioning the dark

Sweet refrain

I guessed

The questions


In subtle thoughts

And quiet flowers


Sifting through stone


Restless and alone

Embracing moments

Of tossed benevolence

The length of the sky

Intrigued me tonight

And I confused

Wondered where to turn

To my left- your eyes

To my right- your face

Behind me- memories of time


Come to me

With a calm heart

And peaceful words

For I am tired

And the only thing

I can find

In my closet to wear

Is despair

I don't know where

Along the way

I became lost

But I am weary

Caught in confusion

My strength

Seems to be wearing thin

Where are my angels now?

We Began

Many tides

Rolling into my heart

Fingers like bows

Take their aim

Sharp as the sky

On a cold winter's day

I will give you

All the sunrise

Has to offer

Blue skies

Calling me again

Lift the heaviness

From your hands

With a sweet smile

Tell time

It has no reason

To worry

We began

With always written

Across destiny

The poet

Patricia Sanders

I grew up in southern California in a town called Costa Mesa which is next to Newport Beach, CA.

I have been studying metaphysics for 20 years and I have been writing poetry since I was 12 years old. I have learned many of the ways of a medicine woman and completed a course in Cross Cultural Perspectives in Feminine Psychology. I have been meditating since I was a teenager and I've been in meditation groups such as Satsang and many more through the years. I am a reiki master and have been doing reiki since 1994.

These books are my journey of life, love and learning. They are intimate, heartbreaking, sad, happy, about loss, falling in love, loving and the journey of a woman. The process of writing poetry brought me a new intimacy with my own spirit. I learned who I am through the years of writing my poetry.

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