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Poetry Trap

Updated on March 20, 2017

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People die every second, 
I've lived my life, I should know, 
through these last few years, 
my friends all dead, 
but only some of natural causes. 
Homicides and suicides, 
my love should know that one best. 
He killed his self many years ago, 
shot a bullet through his head.
My son he drank his self to death, 
and took his family with him.
My mom and dad, both grew up sad,
and always had life's little problems.
My brothers life's, went way to fast, 
to fast to fast to even caught there breath.
My life has not been a good life. 
I'm alone, lonely and old.
Through these last few days,
as I lay in bed, 
with the pain in my head, 
as I think of my life, 
I think I should end it. 
I've lived long enough.


Put the needle in your veins ,
flush your future down the drain.
Send that meth straight to your brain.
It puts you through the change,
Don't let that needle hit the vein.
Hit rock bottom go in-sain,
then either locked up,
or in pain,
Caused you missed another vein .
Cotton fever full blow aids ,
then you're left with out a name.
Sold your life to play the game,
mass destruction what it brings.
To the loved ones lost it seems,
They're chosen veins,
instead of brains.
Kill them all to save the race.

My Eye's

Watching me die from another's eyes,
why do we live,
why do we lie.
Mystery of life,
what's my point to survive,
who are we to divide,
where the sky to have eyes.
Far to my eyes i am blind,
Set my clock for the light,
when the moon turns to night,
can't control my own mind,
scene I've lived many lives.
My story's survived,
How to caught them ill fight,
its really hard writing mine,
always searching for life.
Revealing scene every time,
never ending my rhymes


Wake this morning from my dreams
to hell with what my morning seems
from all the madness Satan brings
Count your belongings
over time we love to blame
over come our destiny
Can't turn back time in history
when the worlds at your knees
and you can't have time to breath
Pitcher love with feelings
through my mind that bleeds
Flames of fire
centered ringed
All my demons spreed your wings
come soon will feed the need
Controlling the youth of 2013


This rust is rubbing off on me
dirty chain in-slave beauty
My heavy heart I need to sleep
upon I bare so many things
A curse on man for lust you see
I bring to thee
once read my rhymes you wont be free
The haunting fience become my dreams
The race to see who fights for me
The war I feed
Bring forth the sins that powers me
Your soul Ill take away with me
Believe my web of dead live's century's
This presents time I'm cursed to bring
upon man to his knees
Don't be mislead by my insanity
In all reality the dust I spread 
upon humanity is a fantasy
Should I lay down my head
All my thoughts I write sad
Theirs all truth in all I've said
Why can't some one understand


I will not believe my life has set a route for me to follow
I will not compare myself to others
I will not lead myself nowhere
I will not use people to my advantage
Love last forever
I will not claim a persons soul
I will not keep a heart that wants to go
I am not always right
I will listen and always pay attention
Fear is a pain of the past
I will not use words to rule
Secrets are not for pleasure
I will focus more on the present
The past will haunt me forever
Last dose not mean forgotten
I will look at people for more than there looks
I will not judge at first sight
I'm not a princess nor a queen think of me


I lost a lot at maybe three, the lies they seem to follow me.
I lost sight at age of six, the scene they stick, my parents split.
I lost my right at age of nine, signed write on the dotted line.
I lost my time at age of twelve, Iv'e seen to much, I can not tell.
I lost my mind at age fifteen, I took the road in slaved by fiens.
I lost my mind at age eighteen, break part what's real and fantasy.
I lost my role at twenty one, the part I play take number one.
I lost my hate at twenty four,I now live for my little girl.
I lost my world at twenty six, my heart is broke and hard to fix.
I lost my dreams at age thirty, my futures very hard to see.

How to Make Slime

What you will need to gather on a flat surface:


  • Two Plastic Cups
  • One Bottle Of Glue
  • Liquid Starch
  • Water
  • Color/Glitter


  • In one mix water with a cap of liquid starch, stir and put aside
  • In second cup pour all glue, mix with water. Put in color if so.
  • Stir first cup and then slowly mix the two cups together.
  • Then mead until form
  • Store in zip lock keep refrigerated.

Humans No Wrong

I tried so hard to do no wrong but 
loneliness hits my heart strong
I have no love to hold when lost
I roam this world with cold blooded hearts
I listen to story's of lies that they really 
think happen inside of there minds
My world of mystery has left my mind broken
I go day by day with half my my mind open
no one to talk to about all the problems 
my days put me through People around me 
are all different books 
Many stories are different 
don't judge at first look the people around 
you think are your friends
you lie and a you steal and pretend to trust them
but they wouldn't be therefor you in the end
knowledge is power you grow over time
I listen to all and know all the fine lines
imagining what they thinks wrong in there lives
I sit around and think of my life and how I manage
to stay up all night and wake at first light 
then sleep from late noontill light 
have a social life and still go to school
watch all my shows and have a love life 
with my problems at home and me all alone
The people I surround I always let them down
they think they've been let in 
but been mislead by words I've said
there worlds enclosed by life's addiction
there state of mind is only there imagination 
To know every thing about everyone life 
without trapping there 
souls or warping there minds become 
my pain memories of miseries
I think when alone I'm better then most 
my beauty is rare
my name has come far my futures not clear
my time is to short I always need sleep 
I've lost my will
to say I'm wrong This time i'll say 
I'm better alive to save my friends
from my trapping eyes to love my life and smile when mad
I try not to judge especially my friends At last the end
I wont interfere my dreams tell me when my time is near

© 2014 Cassandra leigh Dortch


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