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Poems & Limericks

Updated on September 10, 2013

Here are some of my political limericks. Check back every now and then as I write others.

"Post-Election Analysis"
You and I, Tuesday last, had our day
But what of our vote can we say?
The government's broke,
the puppies won't croak,
and pot-props just went up in smoke

"President Capone"
It chills you just right to the bone
for reasons unseen and unknown
When Election Day came
What appeared to be sane
For a prez what we got was Capone

"Health Care Blues"
“More love,” “more change” “more hope”
They dote o’er this secular pope
Now BO’s crusade
Is a health care charade
To kill your ol’ grandpa with dope

"The Lion of the Senate"
Ted's passed, the Senate’s Lion
The libs in ole Mass are cryin
Camelot years came his way
But he drank them away
Now the ladies in relief are sigh’in

I was Teddy, the Senate’s bore
But I’m lion, so hear me roar
No more taxpayers to soak
No more “butt of the joke”
One less lush on the Senate floor

"Requiescat in Pace"
It has come to recent light
That Ted will be in Jack’s clear sight
Drank so hard they claim
that the Eternal Flame
will his liver forever light

"Conspiracy or Stupidity"?
Some say “it’s all a conspiracy”
that the prez is wrecking our country.
But a conspiracy it’s not
It’s stupidity we watch
as it unfolds on HDTV

Now, Reid's holding on by a thread
but Nancy's no longer our head.
She made her own noose
with junkets and booze
as she bled the taxpayer red.
(Posted 11/05/10)

"The KO of KO"
KO has been KO'd
from his program rated so low
Now Countdown's in doubt
Phil has told him, "you're out"
for backing those Dems with dough.

(Posted 11/07/10)

NPR, whose bill we now foot,
is it Soros' horn you now toot?
It's our nation you trash
and the right you do bash
as you make off with American loot.

(Posted 11/9/10)
The Page

I wish, I wish I had ripped from my book
that page of my life, before her first look
And yet when I think of all that we had
the good times, the bad ones, the happy, and sad
I know that it's useless, I know that I'd never
mar, or efface, remove, or sever
that page of my life that she wrote with her charm
Why should I stop her? What of the harm?

Try as I may, try as I might
Try with my effort, struggle and fight
to rip out that page; what a futile attempt!
to straighten the line when after it's bent.

Her image transcribed, so why do I try
to tear from my book such a page so sublime?
That leaf is a sad one; I know that I'll pay
Still, it comes to my mind at the end of the day.
As I trod the worn path, as I come to the lane,
that page of her life in my book will remain.
Colossus Disastrous
Give me your tired of working, the bore,
The befuddled masses of Albert J. Gore,
The wretched refuse of sloth and greed.
Send these, the homeless, addle-minded to me,
I lift my chains to enslave once more! (posted 8/27/13)
The Medal
So, Ms. Clinton gets a medal
for scheming this and that
but we’d all be a whole lot free-er
if, in a prison cell, she sat. (posted 9/10/13)


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    • profile image

      Loryn 3 years ago

      Thanks for the insghit. It brings light into the dark!

    • profile image

      One Raised Eyebrow 5 years ago

      If the president were a man

      from which truth he took a stand,

      there'd be no question

      in the political digestion,

      we'd all be eating from his hand.

    • spiderpam profile image

      spiderpam 7 years ago from USA