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Popsicle Heart

Updated on July 11, 2010

I drove past you yesterday

You walk past in silence with nothing to say

Your life encapsulated on a piece of cardboard

Most who view your presence are becoming quite bored

But I see you for what your really are…

Trying to live down the preconception of ‘My life is so hard’

How you got here I do not know…

And the simple compassion, I did not show

I feel immense guilt for not lending a hand…

To someone in dire need, my fellow man

Why I still think of you I do not know

The misery you had in your eyes is your life’s show

I saw the sadness, humiliation and how you must beg

For some change in your life just to get ahead

Maybe tomorrow as I drive by

Ill have the courage to not have a wandering eye

Ill give you some change

It will be a start…

As for me, the blood will pump once again…

Into my heart!


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    • profile image

      Richard Sanchez 7 years ago

      This is some great writing.