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Popular Children's Books by David Walliams

Updated on May 8, 2015

Top Children's Books are Written by Popular Children's Authors Like David Walliams

Billionaire Boy is one of the books written by David Walliams back in 2011 but is shortly to be made available with a CD which has David and his partner in comedy Matt Lucus narrating, rather hilariously, the characters from this highly popular children's book. Joe Spud is a billionaire 12 year old and in serious need of a friend, but can he find one that isn't just interested in his money?.

Unfortunately if you want the Billionaire Boy with the narrated CD you will have to wait until January 2013. But if you really can't wait until then, don't worry because there are plenty more of David Walliam's books to chose from in the meantime.

Just in case you have never heard of David Walliams, or Matt Lucas for that matter, then it is probably a good idea to tell you that they both gained their fame by writing and starring in a highly popular UK TV comedy series Little Britain. Their weird and wacky characters, representing everything that is eccentric and unusual in British society as completely over the top caricatures, was an instant hit in the UK; once it moved from radio to TV. It also went on to have versions of it made for the American market, with many new characters invented to appeal to the US audience. Many of the catchphrases voiced during the series have been fondly adopted by the British public for everyday use and David Walliams remains a very popular TV celebrity as well as an author of children's books..

Since Little Britain, David has gone on to raise serious amounts of money for various charities and we are not talking thousands here it is actually in the millions. But if you believe everything he has to say it was when he was invited by Simon Cowell to sit as a judge on the 2012 Britain's Got Talent TV show that has been the highlight of his life. No-one is actually sure if Simon Cowell actually regretted that decision or not, because David Walliams basically takes the mickey out of him throughout the whole series. Not that Simon doesn't give as good as he gets on occasions. See the video below!

The big shock with regard to David Walliams was when he announced he was getting married to a beautiful Dutch model called Lara Stone and even more recently they have announced that they are expecting their first child. The reason of course is that David is in fact very camp and loves nothing more than dressing up as a 'Lady'. Probably what inspired another of his books The Boy in the Dress. So of course there has always been a sneaking suspicion that he might be a little gay, well apparently not, he is about as straight as anyone so camp can be.

His arsenal of books is quickly growing and several of them have become some of the most popular children's books around and are probably destined to become classic books of their time. Certainly the children all seem to love them, even the rude and naughty bits, and that is the point after all. It is not everyone that can connect with a child audience, but David Walliams has demonstrated that he certainly can.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Joe Was a Billionaire Aged 12

Joe was the boy who had everything, a flat screen TV in every room, hundreds of trainers, a bowling alley and a butler who is an orangutan. But what Joe doesn't have is a friend, not one!

Billionaire Boy
Billionaire Boy

Let David Walliams and Matt Lucas bring this book alive for you with the accompanying CD, but if you are happy with just the book, and why wouldn't you be, you can of course get that for Christmas.


Billionaire Boy with Accompanying CD - Narrated by David Walliams & Matt Lucas

The narrated version of this book was published in January 2013 the narration is by two of the funniest comedians around so well worth going for that option rather than just the written version.

For those of you that don't know Matt Lucas was David Walliam's partner in 'crime', sorry comedy, in the Little Britain series. A hugely popular TV program that broke all the previous rules on comedy. David seems to be doing the same with his children's books, but the kids just love them.

This is the story of a boy called Dennis, who went to school one day dressed as a girl!

The Boy in the Dress - Could you imagine wearing a dress to school as a boy?

Another very funny and popular children's book by David Walliams

The Boy in the Dress
The Boy in the Dress

I don't think anyone else could have conceived that a boy in a dress would be a great children's book other than David Walliams.


Boys Dressed as Girls for Kids - That's a bit risque isn't it?

Do you think popular children's authors should write about cross dressing?

David Walliams' books on YouTube

Get an insight into these popular children's stories from the author himself or his illustrator. And see what David gets up to taking the mickey out of Simon Cowell on Britains Got Talent.

If you like kids books you might like Little Britain

Little Britain was a comedy series that took the UK by storm and many of the popular children' books characters that you will find in David Walliams' books will have been influenced by the characters in Little Britain. But beware these are not for the faint hearted or the kids.

Do you have a favourite children's book by David Walliams? - Or do you prefer his autobiography?

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

Chose your favourite and lets find out what the world thinks of David Walliam's books.

Which is your favourite David Walliams book?

See results

Camp David - David Walliams' Autobiography

He is without doubt one of the funniest men on British TV and is rapidly becoming a best selling and highly popular children's author, but is he camp, gay or straight? Well I think we already know but now you can find out for sure right from the horses mouth!

Camp David
Camp David

David Walliams' Camp David, his life story is it as funny as he is? I think it probably is.


Childrens Books - A selection of children's books from eBay

There really are some very good children's books available, both in printed and digital format, and some excellent childrens authors that have the skill to write books that appeal as much to adults as they do the children they were initially intended for. So it is always worth a look at a few childrens books to see how broad their appeal is.

My Book Lists & Articles on HubPages

Everything book related that you can find on Squidoo, books for adults, books for reference and book lists with tips on how to find a great book to read. All in one neat little list.


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