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Popular Magazine Subscriptions For Tween Girls

Updated on May 19, 2014

Popular Magazine Subscriptions For Tween Girls

As my granddaughters enter their tween years I am pondering the kind of materials I would like to share with them. Girls are learning from a wide range of sources as they grow up and often they are lacking in judgement, reason, wisdom, and honesty. We need to be honest with our children and communicate clearly with them when outside sources are not being honest.

For example: When we see models on magazine covers and our young girls are also seeing them, it is a teaching opportunity to show them all the photo shop processes which go into creating the art of 'perceived beauty' in that industry. It is an opportunity to show them and model for them real life perception. How many girls compare themselves with the 'perfection' they see around them? Let us squash the illusions and help them to learn real life perceptions a daily part of their living and self perception.

When you would like to buy a subscription for a girl in her tweens this page will show you the most popular choices which are popular with tweens and young teen girls. There are not any 'tabloid' choices on this page, but, you can use the search feature if you have a type or title in mind. This page is dedicated to the most popular Four Star Or Higher Rated magazine subscriptions for tweens.

A great magazine subscription makes a fabulous gift that will keep giving all year long.

Image Credit of The American Girl Magazine cover provided courtesy (Magazine Preview on this page -- below)

Age Appropriate...

Do you have the best media for your girls?

I know some parents aren't going to agree with me, but, it is what it is. I have two young granddaughters and want to continue to shelter them from topics I feel they are too young for. That is hard to do in the current way publications are rated. Movies, television, books, video games, and magazines are more likely to have content they are not ready to process yet than not.

So finding publishers who are also looking for age appropriate content for their work is a huge plus. Who has time to view everything, sort, pick and choose, and then give them a choice of what is on the 'approved list' without spending all the day and missing opportunities to explore together?

Most of us don't. So it is refreshing to find publishers who value the people they are writing for enough to keep the content as they promise. And now you can take your time and review one publication rather than countless numbers of media out there. And if you ever feel something isn't appropriate just let them know.

An occasional printing of something a bit over the age appropriate scale is an opportunity to view with your girls and share with them. This gives you practice for when they begin to branch out and see more than you can even imagine right now. Set the framework so they will come to you to discuss things. That way you have a chance to intercept from them information which might be misunderstood or be lacking on common sense. Practice and build a quality communication environment now before the teen years are up against them.

New Moon Girls - Great for girls 9+

The publisher says this is a great magazine for ages 9-12 but, I would recommend this is age appropriate for age 11 and up to 14 for girls who are learning about becoming a women. Tweens and Teens and their parents can enjoy the magazine and the online community together for best results.

Make growing up a family gathering and give your tween and teen girls information, support, resources, and most of all your love and guidance.

American Girl Magazine Subscription Information - Magazine Fan Favorite

If you are looking for an age-appropriate magazine for girls 8 and up then this is a great idea. The magazine will provide features, games, puzzles, and entertainment for the tween and young teen girls. Click on the title or image to find out more...

Activities , information, learning opportunities, ideas, tips for daily living such as for school or a holiday. All this is geared to engage and educate as well as entertain.

Young Rider Magazine Subscription - Horse Enthusiasts Love This One

If your tween loves horses then this is a great choice for a magazine subscription filled with fun and information for kids age 8 to 15 years old. This equestrian magazine is created with young people in mind and has great posters now and then as well. For the horse lover or if your tween is showing this is a must.

Young Rider
Young Rider

Even if she hasn't even seen a real life horse yet she is going to love the stories and young people involved in them. If she loves horses this is a great magazine!


Discovery Girls Magazine - Give These Magazine Subscriptions As Gifts

Discovery is one of the best fun packed publisher (television, internet, and in print) which will provide age appropriate topics, unexpected discoveries, and popular information with your child's age in mind.

For one of the best beloved magazine subscriptions for tween girls you are going to want to buy the Discover Girls magazine. This magazine is "created by girls, for girls ages 8-12" and is going to deliver much of the content you would want your child to have on hand.

Winner of awards including NAPPA Gold Award and Mom's Choice Gold, this is the one to choose if you are going to only choose one.

Discovery Girls
Discovery Girls

This is a delightful tween girls magazine which has been in the top of the parents choice category since the beginning. The magazine takes pride in providing wholesome information for our girls.


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What are your favorite magazines for tween girls?

Thanks for dropping by! I appreciate your support.

Which Is Your Favorite Magazine Subscription For Girls?

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  • profile image

    flowski lm 

    5 years ago

    Excellent choices for tween girls I would think.

  • OhMe profile image

    Nancy Tate Hellams 

    5 years ago from Pendleton, SC

    What a great resource for parents looking for just the right magazine for their tween daughter. My favorite would have to be American Girl

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    I think my choice would be Discovery Girls. These are all great magazines for tween girls!


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