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Empowerment for Wealth

Updated on September 16, 2015
The picture is bag filled with money which explains the topic under discussion.
The picture is bag filled with money which explains the topic under discussion. | Source

Ability and time is what differentiates people in life. It takes power and time to get to the top.
Power can be said to be the right application of supernatural ability to achieve an aim of desire. I strongly believe that it takes a supernatural ability to create wealth, maintain it and remain at the top, if not nobody should be poor on earth. This is God speaking "And you shall remember the Lord Your God for it is Him who gave you the POWER TO GET WEALTH. If the maker of the whole universe says it takes power to get wealth, indeed it takes power to get wealth. There are people who struggle from morning till night,they work for 24hours a day and 7times a week yet their financial status is nothing to write home about. Day by day they keep climbing the ladder of the poorest people in the world while others who do less physical work than them keeps climbing the ladder of wealth and most successful and rich people in the world. They barely spend time with their family, and they children grow to know their parents as people that wake up very early in the morning and comeback late with little or no result to show for it.
The scriptures said that money has wings and how hard can you pursue something that can fly. Its abnormal to achieve spiritual things with natural ability. How possible is it for a school teacher to use his or her chalk or marker to catch a fish. Wealth creation is not dependant on how many times you took you bath in a day, or how many times you ate in a day but on obeying the laws of prosperity and wealth creation. The essential need of humanity is comfort which is in the area of their health and finances. So the more healthy a man is, the more wealthy he should be. There's an adage that says HEALTH IS WEALTH. SO, mans primary need on earth is to live healthy on earth accompanied with abundance. Health without wealth is death.

The picture supports the saying that wealth is health. A wealthy man uses his wealth for maintenance.
The picture supports the saying that wealth is health. A wealthy man uses his wealth for maintenance. | Source

Time is another empowerment for success in life.
The rich and the poor the Lord God made them all.Time is the earth currenncy because it is equally distributed to everyone. Both the rich and the poor have equall time daily. One of the things that determine how successful one will become in life is acknowledging the fact that time is a currency.Time can be wasted or invested.Time can be wasted when used for unprofitable and irrelevant things and time can be invested when its been used for profitable and rellevant things.
Rich people do not waste their time. They are conscuios of it and values it so much.They place a high value on their time.Whereas the poor can spend the whole day gossiping, backbitting and playing games.They don't know that time is very important and it is convertibleTime can be converted to money,you can use it to build relationship or also destroy relationship.There are many musicians in the world but why is it that its only few that is celebrated in the world.Why is it that some of these people command respect world wide while others don't. Does it mean God is partial? Certainly not but time has a lot to do in this case. This doesn't mean that the celebrated ones are more talented than others but they have invested their times to bring out the very best of that talent or ability.
Doctors, lawyers and bankers spend time in higher institution to become proffessionals in their field of endeavour whereas other people waste their time.
Time is perishable.Time cannot be stored neither will it be stopped. In the history of the world today has come and it will go and shall never come back again. Time is a universal commodity.Everyone has it at the measure.The amount of time you invest in a particular thing will determine to a large extent the level it will take you. The more time you give to it, the higher it announces you.Nobody on earth has 23hours neither does someone have 25hours.

Still explaining the similarities between wealth and health of man.
Still explaining the similarities between wealth and health of man.

In a class of 30 students who are taught by the same teachers,how come at the end of the term only one person person takes the first position and some other person will take the last position. All the student didn't invest the same amount of time to their studies that's why they had very different result.
Productivity in our field of endeavor is as a result of time we invest into it. Its just like G.I.G.O what you give is what you receive.
But in your best in life and life will give to you its best. give value to your time and it will add value to your personality.

A man said that anybody that is always praying for rapture to come, poverty is his or her problem. You will hardly find a rich and wealthy man praying such a prayer. The church of God is matching forward also on the wings of prosperity. It takes money to take the gospel around.
The voice of the poor is not heard and their wisdom is despised. A poor mans opinion are not taken in any way no matter how good they are.There is a great need to understand that it is essentially important to know that wealth is good and this is one of the promises of God to His children. Belove, above all things I wish that you will be in good health and prosper even as your soul is prospering. God knows that we can't go any farther on earth without it. One of the things one shouldn't expect is to get wealth by luck. It takes a supernatural force to get that.It is that force that gives you the ability to get the wealth. God said that He gave us power to get wealth in other to establish the covenant which He had with Abraham.


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