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Pregnancy Books for Dad's to Be

Updated on February 26, 2015

How to Be a Dad to Be!

There has been a huge surge in pregnancy books for dads to be and many dad's to be have been presented with more than one pregnancy related book and been told to read it by their partner. So if you are a man and your girlfriend/wife is expecting, why not get ahead of the the game? Imagine her look of surprise when you tell her (nicely) that you have already read all the pregnancy books you need?

If you are a guy and your lady is pregnant, here's a quick tip, read the books! But hold on, you don't have to read the books she want's you to read, the fact that you read any pregnancy related book is sure to keep your lady happy so a good bet for you is to read one of the books written specifically for you guys. They tend to be a bit lighter and often amusing. If you would prefer to read about all the horrific things in your partners book about labor then go ahead, it's not a bad thing to be prepared for the big event but why not start off with some lighter reading like the books listed here?

If you are a pregnant woman (congratualtions!) and are looking for a book for your man to show him exactly what you are going through in the hope that he will understand a little more, these pregnancy books for guys are actually pretty good at filling him in, just with a more mannish approach to pregnancy. Don't pass them off thinking they won't help, you may even enjoy reading them yourself and it can't hurt for him to read about it, right?

Image: My Boys Can Swim! from

My Boys Can Swim - Ian Davis

This book is a humorous look at pregnancy from a man's perspective. It's not loaded with useful or factual information but it will amuse most men and might make them more open to talking about pregnancy related issues. It will possibly prepare him for things like mood swings and similar things.

For Men Your woman might not find this book as amusing as you do so keep this one for yourself and remember it's supposed to be funny, if you are looking for real information, give this one a miss

For Women Don't read this one, it's a guy's book and you might not appreciate all the humor but it's not a bad introduction to pregnancy for him, especially if he's relucatant to read any of your books!

Dude, You're Gonna Be a Dad - John Pfeiffer

Despite the title, this is actually a pretty good guy's pregnancy book. It's easy to read and is a nice balance between guy's humor and decent information. It focuses more on how men can help their women through pregnancy with information thrown in, in a guy's way though. It's not the encyclopedia your woman owns on every aspect of pregnancy but informative enough for a new dad to be.

For Men It's not boring and you will actually learn enough to sound pretty knowledgeable about pregnancy. Worth reading if you do actually want to know what your woman is going through.

For Women Really not a bad pregnancy book, considering it's written by a man. The author is a dad though and he seems to know enough and the information is sure to help your man.

The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips, and Advice for Dads-to-Be - Armin A. Broth and Jennifer Ash

This book is unique, it's a pregnancy book for dad that has the aim of actually informing him about everything he will need to know. It's the equivalent of all of her books but for men. Most men's pregnancy books work off humor as survival guides for men and some are not that complimentary to women for the sake of humor. This is an easy to read book that doesn't do what most of the others do and is for men who really want to get involved.

For Men This is the one book you should read, the one book she will want you to read and the one book that some of you won't want to read. Do it for her.

For Women See above "for men"

More Pregnancy Books for Dads

There are many more men's pregnancy books available but all of them have the same basic aim, to help men understand pregnancy and feel more involved in the journey you are going through as a couple.

Search for more pregnancy books for dads to be

Are you a Dad to Be or Mom to be?

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      These Pregnancy Books for Dad's are great.