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Bookmarks and Bookplates

Updated on January 19, 2016
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Graphic designer, digital artist and paper crafter. See 1000s of unique designs on her web sites (see Profile page) or Zazzle (imagefactory)

Label Books with Book Plates - Save a Page with a Bookmark

If you love to read and have a collection of favorite books, you probably have a collection of special bookmarks for your personal library or collection of favorite tomes.

They hold our place between the pages of a book or magazine - gently keep track of where we left off reading and prevent damage to the book's spine and pages.Library labels pasted inside the cover or on the flyleaf page identify the owner or the institution that owns and houses a loaned volume.

Book lovers often mark their personal library collections with decorative labels that may say "Ex Libris" and include their name.

This story provides tips on finding bookmarks and bookplates you can print or buy plus designs, tips and patterns for making your own from free clip art.

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Spring tulips bookmark sheet
Spring tulips bookmark sheet | Source
Printable Christmas Bookmarks, candy canes design
Printable Christmas Bookmarks, candy canes design | Source

Free Printable Gifts for Readers

Artistic Placeholders Save Your Page and Protect Your Book

You can design a personal page marker and label to match the theme of a book you're giving as a gift, or make a one that relates to the gift recipient's hobby, interests or favorite things. My mother loves to garden, so I designed a set of Spring Tulip Bookmarks a couple years ago to give to her on Mother's Day.

When my older granddaughter was beginning to read and building her own library, I sent a sheet of Valentine Bookmarkers enclosed in her Valentine's Day card.

Laminating Adds Strength and Durability to Your Bookmarks

Fellowes Venus 125 Laminator, 12.5 Inch with 10 Pouches (5215901)
Fellowes Venus 125 Laminator, 12.5 Inch with 10 Pouches (5215901)

Protect papers and crafts that take a lot of wear and tear by laminating with this nifty home office machine. Slip papers into special plastic sleeves, feed into the front and out comes a nicely laminated piece ready for trimming.

I like to laminate paper items that will get lots of use, especially bookmarks and recipes I use frequently.


Free Printable Bookmarks Make Wonderful Gifts or Gift Tags - It's a Greeting Card and a Gift Tag

Printable Poetry  Bookmark Craft Sheet
Printable Poetry Bookmark Craft Sheet | Source

Printable Spring Scene Bookmarks

Bookmark greeting cards you can print and craft yourself are frugal and thoughtful.

Print out this sheet to use as gifts or gift tags - free for personal or classroom use - made from a print of an original oil painting, Spring Forest.

Printable Animal Labels

Animal sticker book plates, cubbie labels, book plates
Animal sticker book plates, cubbie labels, book plates | Source

Printable Animal Stickers Book Labels

Print your young reader a set of these cute animal notes and use them as book stickers, cubbie tags or lunch box notes.

Each sheet contains the set of four cute animal critters shown in the picture: moose, duck with sunglasses, lion and puppy dog.

There's plenty of room to write a child's name in the space provided. Glue inside your child's books on a loose flyleaf page or on a temporary cover.

Mark books discretely with a paper embosser

Library Book Embosser - Great Gift Idea
Library Book Embosser - Great Gift Idea

Personalized with your name or desired text. Precision crafted to give crisp impressions on envelopes, stationery, greeting cards, books, photos, foil labels

- Ergonomic Soft Grip Handle

- Available with 1-5/8" round die or 1"x2" rectangular die.

Book labels for Children
Book labels for Children

Childrens Bookplates - Encourage Kids to Love Books and Build Their Own Library

My Home Library offers a wide assortment of kid-favorite bookplates. Some bookplates are original designs by kids - both color and black and white plates are included in the collections.

Reading is Fundamental bookplate designs feature fun characters on free printable bookplates for kids (some to color in, and some already in color).

Bookhive offers lovely full color childrens bookplates designed to print on Avery labels.

Robot Book Labels designed by Creative Mamma, these Robot Book Labels designed using her original illustrations are sure to make your child's books way cool for school!

Free Kids Book Labels - printable, personalizable book labels for children in several different styles

Spine Savers Poll - How do you mark your page in a book? - Never lay a book face down in the open position to hold your place.

Book spine photo: / CC BY-SA 2.0
Book spine photo: / CC BY-SA 2.0 | Source

What's Your Favorite Way to Mark Where You Stopped Reading?

See results
Ice cream cone bookmarks
Ice cream cone bookmarks | Source

Gift Ideas for Readers - Make Your Book Gift Extra Special

Bookmarkers are an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift for anyone who reads. You can find one or more to give as a gift for just about anyone in thousands of themes, materials and sizes.

Think about what the recipient enjoys - cooking, gardening, sewing - or design your own around a holiday theme. Select a marker and label to accompany a book you've chosen as a gift.

Printable Bookmark Craft Pages - Freebies to print, cut out and use

These craft sheets are free to print so you can make your own page holders or labels for your book collection. Don't forget you can use a printed bookmark as a gift tag, too.

Treasures for children encourage reading and a love for books. Making bookmarks is a popular kids craft and many adults enjoy crafting their own from paper, fiber, greeting cards and ribbon.

Blue Kit Bookmark
Blue Kit Bookmark | Source

Quick Print Bookmarks

Encourage Reading and Prevent Damage to Bindings

You can encourage kids to read by having them make colorful bookmarks for themselves and as gifts for friends and family. Bookmarks make ideal party favors and craft activities, plus they offer a creative way to use up bits of leftover craft papers, cardstock and trimmings.

Younger children will enjoy decorating a coloring bookmark, then pasting it onto card stock to make a personal bookmark or gift.

Bookmarks are popular favors for kids parties, and as treats for Halloween, summer camp activities or as a small extra tucked into a birthday card. Some bookmarks can even be used as a gift tag - simply write your personal message on the back and the tag becomes a bookmark to treasure for years.

Family Printables Bookmarks - Print and cut bookmark sheets for holidays including Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Grandparents Day, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day,Father's Day

Recycle Cards, Wrapping Paper and Calendar Pictures into Bookmarks

Cut up old greeting cards to use the pictures and the card stock.

Cut scraps of gift wrap and glue them to scraps of greeting card backs.

Cut up the pictures from old calendars and paste them onto slightly larger pieces of cut up greeting cards. You could also use this idea to craft a collage bookmark.

Cut off the corners of envelopes to slip over a page tab to hold your place.

Art Nouveau printable book label
Art Nouveau printable book label | Source

Bookplates - Artistic Name Labels for Your Library

Art nouveau bookplate labels make a nice Mother's Day Gift.

Bookplates were first used in Germany after the introduction of movable type and the book printing press. The practice of sticking a label with the library owner's name and a bit of art or coat of arms took off from there and was very popular. Today book lovers and libraries still affix bookplates to books to identify and adorn the inside book cover (front or back).

Childrens bookplates encourage young readers to build a personal library beginning in childhood, and they instill a sense of love and respect for books at an early age.

If you love to read, you probably have a collection of books you love, and loan books to family and friends. Adding a bookplate to the inside cover of your books reminds borrowers where to return your treasured volumes when they've finished reading.

Label Your Book Collection

Add a bit of personality to your private library with distinctive labels.

Bookplates, or book labels, have attractive designs and space to add your name. Never lose a loaned book again - add a bookplate to the inside cover or title page.

Vintage Book Plate - Ex Libris (from the Library of )

Public Domain Vintage Book Plate
Public Domain Vintage Book Plate | Source

Printable Bookplate Designs and Collections

You can make book plates from antique and new design bookplate collections and pictures available on the Internet. Older book plate label designs offer a history of ownership in vintage book collections, while new bookplates identify books from libraries of all types and sizes.

Fabric and Fiber Bookmarks to Craft

Knit, crochet, sew, macrame, embroider or quilt a treasured bookmark for yourself, or make one for a book-loving friend or family member.

Bookmark Crafts Promote Reading

Develop a love for reading and books with children's bookmark crafts or create a lovely gift for a friend from a printable bookmark sheet. Include a new bookmark along with a book you give as a holiday gift. You can also use bookmark printables as gift tags or ornaments.

Reading Lovers Book Light Bookmark - It's a light, it's a bookmark, it's a terrific gift

Zelco LED Bookmark Lite
Zelco LED Bookmark Lite

Not only will this handy tool mark your place in a book, it lights up the page for you when you read.


How do you save your page in a book, or keep track of your books from your personal library?

Please leave a comment or suggestion.

© 2007 Lee Hansen

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    • ecogranny profile image

      Kathryn Grace 3 years ago from San Francisco

      I save my page with whatever marker is handy. I have even used scraps of cloth, if I picked up a book while sewing and had trouble putting it down again. But I prefer bookmarks, the prettier the better.

      I especially like your idea of gifting a child with personalized bookplates. All our grandchildren are avid readers, or like being read to, if too young yet to read, and this would be a sweet gift for them.

    • Nancy Hardin profile image

      Nancy Carol Brown Hardin 3 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I learned from a young age to bookmark with a piece of paper if I had nothing else. Now of course, I have real bookmarks. The funny thing is that some of my favorites are ones that cost me nothing, from the Disabled Veterans of America. Love this lens!

    • profile image

      Colin323 4 years ago

      Very interesting lens. I like books about bookmarks and bookplates and a favourite is '25 bookplates' by Andy English, illustrated with tipped-in bookplates that he has engraved. I went to Thailand a few years ago and came back with hundreds of bookmarks, all beautifully decorated with wild flowers.

    • imagelist lm profile image

      imagelist lm 4 years ago

      Thanks for the great info...

    • profile image

      CuriousBoy 4 years ago

      Some of my books are "filled" with bookmarks...

      Especially those I need to consult frequently.

      Do many of you do the same?

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