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Products of Society

Updated on April 7, 2013

How Do We Begin?

We are all products of Society,

And the experiences in life we have bin through whether they were for good or bad,

Don't ever let someone try to change you, because if they do,

You were never perfect to them in the 1st place,

But they fail to realize no one is perfect,

Being nice and kind for so long,

Always gets tested when you are challenged with words of distaste,

You do not require,

Forevermore giving you the feeling,

That you should retire,

Because they have shown,

you are no longer what they desire,

For to be compared to someone,

This is not a test,

I should make it easier for you,

Once my heart ceases to beat,

Within my chest,

You shall have nothing to compare,

When I am no longer here,

Such phrases Such as We are done,

Leads one to believe we were never one,

So if that being the case,

How could we ever have Begun?


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