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Updated on September 22, 2012

Professional Dreamer by Ghalil - My Review

A life changing book that gently guides you through the stages you must travel to becoming truly happy within your own skin. To get rid of all your mental clutter and puts you on a path of finding the wonderful person you are. By the time you have taken the 6 steps you will have found out who you are, what you desire and how to attain all you desire.

I recommend this book with my whole being as it helped me turn my world around. You will find it gently highlighted throughout some of my other lenses as with everything else if I have not done it, had it, used it or learnt from it myself I wi ll not write about it.

This is a book that will help children, teenagers and adults a like. Just take your time with it, be honest and easy with yourself and it can help you heal any hurt, anxiety, memories from the past, future or present.

If you want do one thing in your life to give yourself increased happiness that is simple and wonderful, read this book and do as it instructs. Trust me, it works!

With this book you find out what breaks your world and how to rebuild a much stronger happier one.

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The best line ever:

For the one who reads this now, please know that I offer this as an expression of love to take into your life - from now on

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Professional Dreamer: 6 Simple Steps That Turn Dreams Into Reality
Professional Dreamer: 6 Simple Steps That Turn Dreams Into Reality

Professional Dreamer: 6 Simple Steps That Turn Dreams Into Reality: is an energetic manifesting masterpiece - the book that sets in print the powerful insights that have helped people worldwide experience the remarkable power within; yet, even more importantly, it's the remarkably effective book that teaches, through real-life example and real-world methods, how to connect with and apply this power day-in-and-day-out. Professional Dreamer is based on a very simple concept- your thoughts, whether positive or negative- influence your life and the events which occur in it. By changing how we think and directing our thought energy towards our desired goals, we can achieve anything we desire. In Professional Dreamer this process of changing your thoughts and using thought energy is clearly outlined in six steps: One-Pointed Thought, Desire, Trueprint, Visualization, Demonstration, Manifestation. Each step is broken down into two parts, Principles and Method, allowing the reader to understand what each step is, how it works and why, as well as provide clear and practical steps to applying the theory to your day to day life. Interspersed with inspirational poetry and inspiring testimonials, Professional Dreamer is an easy read, beautifully laid out with life changing potential.


Postscript of utmost importance

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