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How to Use Some Free Book Promotional Sites

Updated on November 27, 2014

How to Use Free Promotional Sites

Book shelf with books
Book shelf with books | Source

How to use some free ebook promotional sites

There are many free eBook promotional sites you can use.some of which are highlighted bellow.

How to use addicted to eBooks

To use this site you need to first sign up at the site, they would require a user name, email and password for accessing the site membership area.. After signing up you would receive an email with your user name and password with a one time link where you can fill in the details about your book.

Submitting your free eBook

Addicted to eBooks allows you to upload the books image, set the price (free), a brief description, the dates when the book is offered free and they even let you rate the content of the book.

The rating covers areas such as if the book is fiction or nonfiction if there is violence, profanity, and any other rating. You are also allowed to place a link that takes the potential buyers to the sales page on another site or sites.

How to promote kindle books

If your book is on kindle direct publishing and you have enrolled in kindle select program which gives Amazon the exclusive rights to your book for a period of 90 days renewed every 90 days then you can promote your book herefor free in their market place for a maximum of 5 days.

How to use amazon kindle free promotions

First log into your bookshelf and then check the book beside the book you want to promote, click the action button and a drop tap would appear which has, edit book, edit price and royalties, promotions and UN publish.

Click on the promotions and it will open a small capsule, in the capsule you fill in the title of the book that you want to be downloaded free and indicate the number of days/when it starts and ends.

Remember amazon allows only a maximum period of 5 days free promotions. Once you submit the book would appear for the free promotional; period in all the amazon stores. Some of the web stores can be found in India, Canada, UK, France, Spain and other countries.

Bargain book hunter Facebook logo

Bargain book hunter facebook lgo
Bargain book hunter facebook lgo

Bargain book hunter

Bargain book hunter is an innovative marketing site that offers both free and priced promotions. They allow free listings for kindle books on their free eBook hunter platform and needs a weeks notice because of the high number of entries, so early notification by listing your title early may guarantee better listing.

bargain book hunter accepts all genre of books except erotica.

Bargain book hunter guaranteed listing

guaranteed listing on eBook hunter works for writers who want to jump the queue and guarantee speedy listing on the website. it attracts a fee of $10 per title and accepts a block pf 3 titles at the same time.The titles should not have been listed in bargain book hunter prior 30 days.

For books in the range of 0.99 and $5 they put in kindle book pack.

Ask David

The site ask David are into community/publishers book reviews. The writer can list his free eBook on the site. Although ask Davids template is lengthy it is user friendly, easy to understand and order to accelerate your list standing ask David rewards users who include ask David links in their websites some little advantage. They demand new reviews and not recycled ones and manually check all reviews before publication. They also allow the user include several website links and some content.

Promote your book and reach eager minds

Promote your book and reach young eader readers. image of a child reading a book
Promote your book and reach young eader readers. image of a child reading a book | Source

How to promote your book

Promotions and Publishers

How to promote book
Promotional websites
Self promote
Amazon kindle
Bargain book hunters
Paid promotion
Book on the knob
use a blog
Ask david
multiple publishers


What type of promotion do you prefer

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How to use different publishers

I read somewhere that you can use different publishers as a promotional tool, but the draw back is that this method can be time consuming and daunting imagine publishing the same book in sites like, Lulu, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo, Digital down load websites like bytecommerce or payloadz.

This method can guarantee loads of publicity but the down side is how many payment methods or accounts do you run. Having your book in several publishing sites does not guarantee sales but it helps, check out 30 places to promote your books.

pixel of ink

pixel of ink is a top rated website that allows paid and free eBooks.There many focus is on free and bargain kindle books under $1. writer have found pixels services quite good mainly because of their wide spread.

The website also has a well integrated Facebook account that writers can use for free promotions.

How to use Facebook to promote your free books

Most of the websites that promote free eBook listing also have Facebook accounts that writer can use. A writer can leverage on their large fan base to promote the book. Opening your own Facebook account is also a good idea. Most accounts allow you to upload the books image, write a small description and add new friends. Facebook has millions of followers so do not be left out.

Books on the knob

The site features a wide range of media namely music, games, technology and books. The site accepts books that covers a wide scope of work and they also accept nook, kobo, epub and kindle other ereader, kindle fire, nookcolor. They alert subscribers to bargains.

How to use author marketing club

The site is apromotional site writers especially when they want to offer there books for free. The site has painfully put together in one place where you can submit your book for free. The site has all the sites logs with direct link to submit pages. All you do is is fill their forms and answer basic questions.

You may be asked to sign up. Be warned each site has its own strict conditions of use so read them before taking any actions.

Although the methodology of listing and promoting your book are similar they require patience and a little hard work but the rewards is worth the effort. traffic is the key to a successful campaign so start promoting your book today.


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