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Proper Daily Life

Updated on December 17, 2017

A hand to lend, an aid to give

Proper Daily Life

We should honor our words
And stand by them through the worst
In life, we may hurt others
And will be ‘coz of tiny matters
But we have to keep our vision in line
We may have our uncertainties
The cause of our insecurity
A whole lot going through our mind
Things that make up our life
We all borne seeds, visions and dreams
The route to its achievement been rough and steep
It's depth so deep
A success story we all trying to write
It's plot, theme and climax full of fights
Cars, money, a well-paid job and with a suit and tie
That's what we are told is right
Someone to finally share them with
Neglecting all others and holding on to love with a strong fist
Contrary, where you are don't even matter
Much as where you will be hereafter
But what happened to inner peace??
Bonding with the Spirit in one piece??
Spending time with God to attain one accord??
Loving your neighbor as yourself??
Love been the greatest of it all..!!
And indeed no man is an island
Living with hatred or love, choose one
We can't hurt ourselves forever
Taking the blame for whatever
So we get filled and finally, up ourselves we pick
With strength to move on and direct
Our soul and life, we own it

©KKP (Kwame Krakye Poku)

© 2015 Krakye Omane Poku


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    • Eric Flynn profile image

      Eric Wayne Flynn 2 years ago from Providence, Rhode Island

      Positive words, grab power of the mind.