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protect our hearts

Updated on May 26, 2014

protect our hearts

The beat never stops, for the darkness surrounds our self,

We are alone, hope someone else is holding on to the sound of whats left,

Our hearts are our protect of pure love, it comes only from within,

While this earth, our surroundings are full of sin, full of hate

Listen for the heart beat, our last hope and the evilnwe can defeat,

Embrace what we have, and spread what we can for the sake of love,

For love will be around just as alive as hate, but love is from up above,

Hate is having the nothingness of life, to hold purpose just as far down as a waste,

We can use the energy, the sound of the heart beat to to rise up to fate,

Which love in our hearts ,the protection of our lives, the peace of longevity.

Love is real, listen to the whispers of the heart beat and hold on, because I'm with you forever,

Just as love is with you forever, listen to your heart beat.

© 2013 Along with the wind


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