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The rush

Updated on May 29, 2016

When the rush hits my brain my nerves instantly die, there is clear space ahead with nothing on my mind. There is no stress or worries it all seems to be buried, the thought of getting use to this feeling is kind of scary. At the same time it's great whenever I need to escape, I just get in my zone and go where ever my mind takes me. I opened many doors unlocking the encryption, to explore your own world but don't forget the one that you live in. Everything feels right my senses are on overload, I touch taste and see things your imagination could only unfold. I think of the air we breathe as a drug that blocks our mentality, when in all actually the rush that we feel is our real reality. You won't know until your slate is clean, and your spirit is free roaming until it finds peace. Its a beautiful feeling amongst all other things, I don't want it to end but I guess I'll just have to wait and see.


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