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until the end

Updated on March 22, 2016

for you

I know you left me all alone,

nowhere in sight for me to hold.

deep down inide this empty hole,

I sit and rot, it takes its toll.

but can you tell me how to cope,

and maybe how to have some hope.

so I can get halfway through this pain,

that rips and tears through sun and rain.

tell me how I go from every touch,

peircing through to my soul.

to never feeling your touch again,

leaving me this gaping hole.

every day you were mine to hold.

speaking of us growing old,

together eternal, seperate cold.

disister strikes and takes its mold,

this mold it takes is creeping in,

like the reaper shredding life so thin.

until we meet once again,

not a shred of life in me begins.

cause' how can there be life in me,

without your cadence to set me free.

for life to be in me again,

your breath in me I need,

until the end.


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    • pursuitofmind profile image

      Dennis 5 years ago

      thank you very much! hopefully sometime soon I can bring myself to write something that isn't so painful.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 5 years ago from Great Britain

      WOW !!! That was a fantastic poem. I loved every word, even though it was riddled with pain.

      I think the way you expresed your feelings here was wonderful. Keep writing.!!!!

    • pursuitofmind profile image

      Dennis 5 years ago

      I added a personal touch to this one..the picture that you see on your right is me...right after she left me..