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Pygmalion And Galatea

Updated on February 24, 2014

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This is a story from the mythology which was written by Ovid. The story was written in a narrative poem titled Metamorphoses. Part of the poem tells the story of Pygmalion and his love for Galatea. Here you will read about a lonely man who seeks love from someone who would impossibly love him back


A gifted young sculptor of Cyprus, named Pygmalion, was a woman-hater. Detesting the faults beyond measure which nature has given to women he resolved never to marry. His art, he told himself, was enough for him. Nevertheless, the statue he made and devoted all his genius to was that of a woman. Either he could not dismiss what he so disapproved of from his mind as easily as from his life, or else he was bent on forming a perfect woman and showing men the deficiencies of the kind they had to put up with. However that was, he labored long and devotedly on the statue and produced a most exquisite work of art. But lovely as it was he could not rest content. He kept on working at it and daily under his skillful fingers it grew more beautiful. No woman ever born, no statue ever made, could approach it. When nothing could be added to its perfections, a strange fate had befallen its creator: he had fallen in love, deeply, passionately in love, with the thing he had made. It must be said in explanation that the statue did not look like a statue; no one would have thought it ivory or stone, but warm human flesh, motionless for a moment only. Such was the wondrous power of this disdainful young man. The supreme achievement of art was his, the art of concealing art. But from that time on, the sex he scorned had their revenge. No hopeless lover of a living maiden was ever so desperately unhappy as Pygmalion. He kissed those enticing lips - they could not kiss back; he caressed her hands, her face - they were unresponsive; he took her in his arms - she remained a cold and passive form. In the end he gave up. He loved a lifeless thing and he was utterly and hopelessly wretched.

This singular passion did not long remain concealed from the Goddess of Passionate Love. Venus was interested in something that seldom came her way, a new kind of a lover, and she determined to help a young man who could be enamored and yet original.

Metamorphoses (Penguin Classics)
Metamorphoses (Penguin Classics)

Featuring the poem where this story was taken. Read another classic adventure as Ovid brings you to a world of fantasy, romance, and comedy.


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You can also read an online book of W.S. Gilbert from You can check out the poem derived in a form of a play. Just click the link if you would like to read the text.

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Don't worry about the copyright. It's in public domain.

A gifted young sculptor of Cyprus named Pygmalion was a woman hater.

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Was itself deception or did she really feel?


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