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Quotes About Strength

Updated on March 16, 2013

Awaken Your Inner Strength

On this page, you will find some good quotes about strength. Bringing out the mental strength required to overcome setbacks and struggles isn't exactly the easiest thing to do. If given a choice, not very many people would choose to have challenges show up at their doorstep. However, without struggle, there is no progress. In order for you to grow as a person, you will need to not only face these challenges, but overcome them. Whether it's a divorce or financial problems or failing to obtain your goals, these hits in life can be hard to take but at the same time, they give us an opportunity to become mentally stronger.

When your mental toughness increases, life becomes easier. Things that used to bother or stress you out now don't even make you blink. Do you think a job loss would keep someone down who has been through bankruptcy, lost everything, and had to crawl his way back up? Compare that to someone who's had everything going well for them losing their job. The reaction in both cases can vary depending on the person of course but someone who's been through hell and pushed their way back, in my opinion, has a much better chance of overcoming challenges compared to someone who's never had a big obstacle in their life.

It's easier said than done of course but when bad things happen, use them as opportunities to grow. Only when you can handle great challenges will you be able to achieve more in life.

You may not know it or realize it but you're capable of overcoming much more than you think. Most people don't know just how strong they can mentally be until they are put to the test and make it through.

No matter how hard your life is at the moment, you have what it takes to get through it. You were put here for a reason and it's certainly not to give up. The struggles you are facing are things you have the power to overcome.

There will be situations where giving up or falling apart would be totally understandable and acceptable. It's when throwing in the towel is easy to do and even expected that your true strength will be tested. When you're able to handle the situation even when you're expected not to be able to, you'll discover how strong you really are.

Anyone can be strong when things don't go right in areas they are used to dealing with. It's when things go wrong in areas you're not used to coping with will your mental strength be tested. But these are also the times when you find out just how tough of a person you are.

When you win without struggle, the rewards are mostly external. Some applause, recognition, and perhaps a brief moment of excitement will occur. However, those things are short lived. When you win by overcoming great obstacles, you don't just get the external rewards, you grow as a person and this is something that doesn't fade. The juice in life comes from doing things you thought you couldn't do.

We will all go through heart breaks. For most of you reading this, there are more heart breaks to come. Just remember that when it comes to relationships, time heals all wounds and the quicker you can bounce back up, the sooner you can move on with your life and allow someone better to enter it.

You can use your past as a ball and chain or you can use it as a reason to push forward. Past mistakes and failures can strengthen you but at the same time, these things can also destroy you if you allow them to.

Take what you can from your past that is useful and leave the rest. Anything that prevents you from really living your life should be left where it is, in the past. No reason to drag that weight along into your future. It'll only hold you back.

If other people have gone through what you're going through and made it out alive and well, so can you. No challenge is too big for you to overcome.

Sometimes things don't go as planned but that doesn't mean your life is over. Many times, it's when things don't go as we hoped that we are led down a path that we will enjoy much better. Be flexible with your goals and dreams.

Real strength isn't physical. Real strength comes from within. It comes from being able to overcome whatever life throws at you. Anyone can lift some weights but to get through the hard times in life and still come out feeling optimistic about life and grateful for all that you have, that's not something everyone can do.

No matter how stormy it gets, the rain will eventually go away. No matter how big your challenges are, it will eventually get easier to handle but only if you remain strong and not let life's struggles break you.


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