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Updated on July 26, 2016


Just like lightning in the sky

Another hit, another blow

It's you and the person you thought loved you

Going fist for fist, toe to toe

The love, trust and security went out the window

I suppose the love that he showed in the very beginning

Was just the intro to his narcissistic puppet show

I felt like something was wrong with me

I felt so ugly, worthless and low

No matter what I did to make him happy

It wasn't good enough and I became the center of a laughing show

When I got the best of him he tried to get a friend involved

That's when I thought to myself, this man has no love for me at all

He's trying to get his friend to jump me because I took him down for slamming my head into the wall

Your character and lack of morals are your transparent dark cloak, your demise, your hellbound downfall

You think that you have it all

You use those that are infatuated with you to be greedy and get them for all

One day Karma will catch up with you sweetie and take your life for all

© 2016 Marlena Rochelle Neely


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