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Random Thoughts Generating from a Cubicle

Updated on July 23, 2011

So, I was thinking wouldn’t it be great if I could go online and find a website that just has random thoughts or expressions. Because once I have a random thought, I can write on the subject for an extended period of time. And I love reading other people’s random thoughts; because there’s a lot of hilarity going on out there that we ordinarily would have no way of knowing about. Thanks to the internet, people can share their random thoughts and the rest of us read them and breathe a sigh of relief that we are NOT ALONE in the universe (or corporate world). All those random thoughts rushing through our brains are occurring simultaneously to just about everyone else, too! YES!!!!

Up until recently, I thought I was the only one experiencing random thoughts and bits of trivia showing up unexpectedly during slow moments or in the middle of important meetings. And of course, you learn pretty quickly to filter that stuff, or other people at the meeting stare at you as if you’ve lost your mind. That’s where I first got the feeling that I was alone. Now, I believe that everyone else experiences it as well, but they have learned to filter better than I have. I am doing much better at the filtering lately, but sometimes a giggle escapes and I have to cover it up somehow to preserve the illusion of sanity.

So I googled Random Thought Generator and found over 24 million results. Yes, there’s a lot of speculation going on about random thoughts. There are lots of blogs by people who have random thoughts, and someone even tried to come up with a random thought generator. Really, I don’t need a random thought generator, I just need some way to slow down the random thoughts train and let a few of them coalesce into something I could actually write about. Maybe throw something across the random thoughts traintrack or push a button that slows time down so I can pull out the individual thoughts as they occur, write them down, and then move back into real time until a stray random thought catches my attention again. Sort of like the Matrix movies, but with less violence.

Why can’t they invent a DVR for the human mind? Sometimes whole conversations play out in my head, I get interrupted by something or someone in real life and I think: what was I just thinking? Because it was really interesting and I want to get back to it. So many times I have to backtrack my thoughts, and go forward again until I reach the particular point that I found interesting. Sort of like when you go into a room and stop suddenly, thinking: now why did I come in here? A DVR would be very helpful, but it might be kind of hard to hide the wiring, because I sure wouldn’t want surgery to cover up the wiring like your cable cords under the carpet. That would be just too much.


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    • profile image

      slmorgan 6 years ago

      I incorporate my diary entries into my hubpages in the form of poetry and fiction. Take a look.

    • jderb52 profile image

      jderb52 6 years ago from Oklahoma

      simorgan: i don't think i'm alone in suggesting you share a few pages of your diary....hmmm?

      thanks, bud gallant, for the positive feedback!

    • Bud Gallant profile image

      Bud Gallant 6 years ago from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

      I know what you mean. A DVR for the mind would be a useful tool.

    • slmorgan profile image

      slmorgan 6 years ago from San Francisco

      Funny. I have a random thought diary that I keep by my bed, because I often have random thoughts when I am resting or about to go to sleep - at least that's when I hear them at their loudest. I do not write down every random thought or pay attention, just the ones that I find interesting or the things I do not want to forget. I also carry the diary with me on long commutes on public transportation. When I do not have the diary, I may record the thought into my phone. It helps me to get the thought out of my head onto paper. I like the DVR for the human mind idea.Cool hub.