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Reading Materials

Updated on May 24, 2015

Books and Magazines

I used to say i was a book lover...a bookworm...a bookish...anything that would describe me as a person who likes books. That was during my student days wherein I preferred buying books than borrowing. Then reading them at home. Well, probably i was just a studious person back then. I was only 6 years old when my aunt taught me to read every after class. She even let me memorized a chapter in a book and then recited it in front of the class. Years went by, I still loved buying books, but I tend to pile them up on our shelves, sometimes without finishing a chapter. I tend to forget or kinda I'd get busy doing something else. Then I would remember when I had to browse or look up on something which would be needed in our school.

I don't sell them no matter how old they are because they're precious for me. I do believe they'll be useful in the future. I used to share some of the textbooks in high school and college and whenever one was not returned, I would buy another one though I already graduated. They were still very helpful in my job.

Aside from books, I love buying and collecting magazines, too. There, I get new info about anything that interests me. I started with fashion magazines when I got my 1st job. Then, I shifted to home and d├ęcor magazine when I got interested in interior decorating. I even dreamed of being an interior decorator, unfortunately I hadn't finish my course. I also bought wedding magazines when i got fascinated to wedding gowns. When I got pregnant and until now, I usually get information in parenting and baby magazines. Though I have my mom and some oldies with me who shares their knowledge in parenting, sometimes I find them too traditional which is not applicable nowadays. The magazines somehow helps me with the latest information about parenting, which I share with them also. I also buy other magazines alternately with parenting such as health magazine, good housekeeping, food magazine, and the discovery mag which is more on environment and the planet. My mom used to subscribed to readers digest for 2 years. Our latest subscription was the discovery magazine.

After reading, I share the magazines or books with friends then stack them all in my shelf for future references. I believe my son will be able to use them in the future. Probably during that time, I've set up our home library. How about you..what book do you read and how do you take care of them?

Some Books and Mags Collection

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