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Realize your mistake and your hair will grow back

Updated on August 24, 2017

Realize your mistake and your hair will Grow back

As Sampson's hair and his source of strength was shaved off because he desired a nap on a silky lap, so has many people lost their strength. It may not be because of any laps but it could be as a result of indiscipline ,desire for instant gratification and pursuing trivial issues at the expense of important ones.However, as you realize your folly ,your hair will grow back.

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As Sampson's hair grew back
As Sampson's hair grew back

Realise your mistake and your hair will grow back

Don't worry ,your hair will grow back

Sampson was a man of immense strength whose skills lies in his hair .Beating, killing and spanking the philistines was his full- time job .However,as a ladies man ,making women weak in the knees was his part- time duty.He continued this unabated and even visits women of the night ,sometimes.This philandering continued until he fail into the traps of Delilah a very skillful woman who messed his head with love and tied him to her apron strings.

Not long after ,with a combination of nagging and denying Sampson his conjugal rights ,she made him sing like a bird .As if this was not enough, he narrated even his family history and that of his country to Delilah. This earned him a well deserved nap on her silky laps.His hair which was the source of his great strength was shaved off and he became an ordinary man .Sampson was captured by his enemies who turned him into a grinder in the prison.

The first thing his enemies did was to pluck out his eyes and cut- off both his physical and spiritual vision . As far as they were concerned, with his locks gone and his vision permanently cutoff he was only good for entertainment .However,when Sampson realized his folly and mistakes ,his hair began to grow back. As usual the philistines big -shots gathered to enjoy their evening circus entertainment .Sampson pulled down the pillars of the building and recorded his biggest killing haul . He died together with his enemies because he has lost his vision and therefore his desire to live


The first time i read the story of Sampson, i concluded that he was a foolish man . I questioned how he would love a person so dearly as to hand over to her the keys to his life. However, as i grew , i realized that any-one could make this kind of mistake. Most of us has abandoned our calling or have failed to utilize our skills while chasing instant gratification . Our strength may not be in our hair but pursing trivial issues at the expense of lasting ones is akin to shaving off our hair and strength. At times we create permanent problems to solve temporary situations while all we needed was a stronger character. Many spiritual eyes has been plucked and visions died a natural death because of the desire for a single nap on a silky laps . It could be other factors like lack of control or indiscipline that has shaved off our hair. Sometimes , it could be our inability to delay gratification that has shaved off our hair and destroyed a great strength. At any rate ,the best way we can make our hair grow back is to find out how those who had been there before us overcame challenges. Discovering how they became successful and how they grew back their hair when it was cutoff. We can only do this by reading books from this great men . It is only through books that we have intercourse with great minds .As you read and grows back your hair ,you won't die with your detractors

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Books by steve job - Grow back your hair get motivated

Great books to grow shaved hair

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview
Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview

Learn how to be great during interviews

I, Steve: Steve Jobs In His Own Words (In Their Own Words)
I, Steve: Steve Jobs In His Own Words (In Their Own Words)

Read about the life and times of this great man and learn how he overcame challenges

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing
Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

Have a chat with this great mind


TD jakes DVD - motivational DVD

DVD by TD jakes

Realize your mistake your hair will grow back

Shaving off Sampson's source of strength

where is your strenght

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