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Reason and the Word

Updated on October 16, 2013


'Humanity and a Possible Future’

By Tony DeLorger © 2010

Humanity is but a minor blemish on the backside of an infinite universe. We arrogantly believe we are superior to other life on our little blue planet, yet we have breached every law of balance and sustainability and are now beginning to pay the price. We clearly have no understanding of the life we have been afforded nor do we take responsibility for one another or our actions. Obviously we are right at the beginning of our real evolution, something that began about 80,000 years ago when Homo sapiens suddenly appeared.

Regardless of our origins, it is what we have done that holds us back from a positive future. Firstly, religions have brought the concept of God to such a crass and self-serving perspective that all but a few moral points have any meaning. The creation of religion was always about power, control and the manipulation of beings that, out of fear and insecurity, needed to feel that they belong to something and had a future beyond earthly life. This weakness and vulnerability has always been the prey of oppressors and corrupt beings.

Spiritually we are no more enlightened generally, than the animals we supposedly evolved from. Our concept of love is not remotely close to potential, evidenced by the hate and conflict within our world. We falsely relate love to sex, which in the end has become nothing more than self-gratification. The drive to reproduce is instilled in our psyche and physiology to ensure survival. However, we have taken that and based societies on the importance of sexuality: we revere it, aspire to its act as a lifestyle and denigrate its purpose. This is what I mean about being unevolved; we have no understanding or control of these basic functions, nor do we understand that real love aspires not to ego but is the glue that binds the universe together. I believe that love is light, life, positive energy and God is the creator, love the most poignant expression of the divine, or God.

The spark of which many religions speak is the energy that holds all life together, resides in every cell, every atom and nuclei. That energy as it manifests outwardly, from atom to molecule to organism, to complex being, tribe, society, country, planet, galaxy to universe, is an expression of the creator, God or whatever term you wish to use.

Love in a spiritual sense, is a pure experience expressed through response to God’s manifestation of life. In human terms: the unconditional love for a child, devotion of an animal, an unsolicited kindness, a smile, recognition of the divine in human endeavour to name a few. When I see an extraordinary talent being demonstrated, it always brings me to tears. That recognition to me is pure love and the feeling, the emotion of it, I describe as rapture. This is the love we should all aspire to, share and then create a world of peace.

Humans are only part beings within our evolution. Male and female fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, for more reasons than just anatomically. Our opposed views, perceptions and natural propensities and talents are in an evolutionary sense, to compliment one another and to create compromise for a greater good. Unfortunately we have marginalised male and female roles based on the instincts and circumstance of our forefathers: men are hunters and women are nurturers. This oversimplification has divided the sexes and created a male dominant world where women have been held back and unable to balance their male counterparts. Equality is not only more acceptable but paramount to our continued existence.

Women are far better multitaskers and can see the periphery, ultimately making them better leaders. Men are still driven to kill and maim, control and conquer. This is just one issue. Men need to become more female and women need to become more male in a psychological sense, each expanding their understanding and expertise. This is slowly happening: more women are independent, working, having careers, becoming leaders and men are learning to be nurturers, caring for their children, and maintaining a home for example. This is evolution; we are all witnessing it, cultural at the beginning, but evolution nonetheless. As perspectives change, so will the understanding and ability to adapt to a far more passive and spiritual life.

I believe that homosexuality is both natural and a tangent to this phenomenon. As humanity evolves, the melding of male and female will have its casualties. Survival of the fittest has always been a natural law, and our evolution will no doubt have its twists and turns. Ultimately, if we don’t destroy ourselves first, humanity will eventually become androgynous, psychologically first and in time physically. Reproduction by then will be a different issue and peace and harmony through higher forms of love will dominate thought and action.

So, this long-term evolution of our species will create a far different path than can be seen now. It can only happen if we don’t implode first. We need to understand balance, especially about our planet, care for all living things and develop kindness and a spiritual love that is far removed from ego and gratification. In short we need to become selfless, and not base all decisions on our own welfare, but expand that to our brothers and sisters of humanity. There is a far greater joy than physical experience, and it lives within our minds and can manifest outwardly to the earth and to all its inhabitants. We need to learn to share. We are all far more capable of love than our present evolution suggests, we simply need to aspire to a more spiritual life. This, I believe, is our destiny.

‘After Night’

By Tony DeLorger © 2010

Light spattered dusty boards live with a stretching creak.

Empty sideways glasses glint, rouge stained sediment parched.

While languid creatures wake to day and silence cut by feathered wing,

Inside, human thought on dream descend, and swallow breath anew.

Silent stir, searching for clarity, arms entwined from lust lost to slumber.

Mouths dry as blistered earth, bitter taste from sweetness soured,

Awareness veiled by numbing mist, come slowly into focus.

One eye ventures, scans the field, grasping for memory.

Beside, a beauty lies prostrate, unconscious.

Succulent breasts in silhouette, slow descending lines to soft rolling valleys,

Of velvet flesh and comfort abundant, pleasures undeniable.

Her lips, plump and slightly open, still hold the memory of passion.

Without thought, he leans forward, her soft red lips too much to resist.

Brushing her ethereal hair aside, he longingly kisses her deeply.

With one sweeping elbow to the face she turns away, face contorted.

‘Clean your teeth at least,’ she growls, bringing night to an end.

The Works of Tony DeLorger

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    • rafken profile image

      rafken 7 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      I agree with most that you say, except that, even though homosexuality may eventually be part of our evolution. I think that it is far too early in our evolution, for it to play a positive role at this time. Once again, good hub.

    • Tony DeLorger profile image

      Tony DeLorger 7 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks for the positive comments guys. There will be more: I have about 17 articles and two books of poetry not posted.

    • stanwshura profile image

      stanwshura 7 years ago

      Absolutely enlightened and thrilling. God, I wish more people would just *consider* other paradigms once every few thousand breaths or so!

    • Silva Hayes profile image

      Silva Hayes 7 years ago from Spicewood, Texas

      Brilliant. Hope you write more.