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Updated on April 11, 2017

On my way home after buying some bread, I saw them, old woman chasing a proud male of red jungle fowl in front of her house. She was doing her best but she couldn't push him to enter the house. She was talking to him like a mother to her son.

When she saw me, she asked for my help so I helped her. I thought that I'm youth and fast so I will succeed. I did my best, but he was faster than me so I failed.

We saw a woman and we asked for her help. We all did our best to push him to enter his house but we failed. After a lot of trials we stopped. We apologized to the woman and we left. She sat down on the ground silently.

I walked away few meters and then looked at them, He looked around proudly, no one was chasing him. He walked slowly and proudly and enter the house.


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