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Character and Personality

Updated on June 9, 2015


A child will look beautiful in any kind of color.
Each and every day,
They will project this magnificent array.
Beauty – Projecting outwardly in a unique way.

Children will develop at an exceptional pace;
Some siblings will even have the same face.
Living life through their weird youthful faze.

Two Artist coming together,
Creating a work of Art who poses Personality and Character.

Character that will define them throughout life.
A deep-rooted belief in family,
A voice to defend during times of strife.
A belief, resolve, loyalty all taking shape,
This mirror image that would take –
Both Artist.

Children will also project an innate Personality,
Inherent within the mind.
A plethora of any kind.
Building blocks with no architectural design.
That wee glimmer of light,
Generated from deep within the mind’s eye.

Personality will have a strange creative theme.
They might be stubborn just like their Grandfather or,
Have an ability to be social like their Mother.
Each and every one will be defined by either Artist.


Children have the ability to become anything they dream.
There is never a road which can inexorably lead,
Down the path of perpetual defeat intermingled with shame.
Life will have all those good and bad days.
Nothing is guaranteed or always the same so,
The most important thing –
A child’s Personality will have a strange creative theme,
Each and every one will be defined by each Artist,
While their Character comes from within,
Personality is a reflection which comes from both Artists.

© 2013 Jeb Stuart Bensing


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    • Jeb Bensing profile image

      Jeb Stuart Bensing 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      They keep us on our toes, and make us so proud.

    • profile image

      berncon 4 years ago

      I couldn't ask for three more special and loving Children!