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The Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs

Updated on December 14, 2014

Fans can find out what happened during the cult classic film The Lost Boys and Lost Boys: The Tribe via the four-part comic series The Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs! Follow Edgar and Alan Frog as they battle the vampire menace as well as what really happened after the defeat of Max and The Lost Boys!

The Lost Boys

The original cult-classic vampire flick!

The Lost Boys tells the story of brothers Michael and Sam Emerson who move to Santa Carla with their mother. Moving in with their eccentric grandfather, Michael and Sam find it hard to adjust to life in the tiny sea-side town. At the Boardwalk, Michael falls for Star, a mysterious girl who lives with The Lost Boys.

Befriended by David and the rest of the gang, Michael's life takes a darker turn. Sam becomes friends with Edgar and Alan Frog, who work in their parents' comic book story by day while fighting crime by night. When strange things start to happen, Michael finds out he hasn't just fallen in with some local punks -- the Lost Boys are really vampires!

Trailer for The Lost Boys

Reign of Frogs #1

Spoliers Below!

Issue #1 begins in 2007. A lowly trailer sits on the edge of Luna Bay, the home of Edgar Frog. A kid comes to ask to be an apprentice. Edgar tells him he doesn't take on students, until the kid corners him with the fact he wants to be a vampire hunter.

The storyline then flashes back to 1990, when Edgar and Alan are doing a favor for the president of the United States by taking out a coven of vampires who run the halls of the Senate. During the story, Edgar reveals that the United States was founded by vampires hunters trying to break free of the vampires who populate England. The Van Helsing Society even awarded the Frog Brothers medals of valor for their services.

Back in 1990, on their way home to Santa Carla, the Brothers talk about how much they miss Sam, who has now taken up hanging around the Boardwalk to chase girls. Upon reaching their comic book shop, they are greeted by a familiar face...

David, leader of the Lost Boys, is back!

Issue currently out of print.

Reign of Frogs #2

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Returning to Santa Carla after a side trip to the nation's capital, the Frog Bros are welcomed home by an old friend -- David, leader of the Lost Boys!

Returning from the grave, David demands to know where Michael and Star are, while his fellow vampires start to attack the Frog comic store. Just when Alan looks to be a goner, enter Sam Emerson and Nanook!

Retreating to the safety of the Emerson home, Edgar and Alan begin to put the pieces together and uncover a dark secret -- Grandpa is really a vampire!

Issue currently out of print.

Reign of Frogs #3

Spoliers Below!

Grandpa explains how he's survived this long as a half-vampire, working for his sire, the Widow Johnson. In fact, she's really the Black Widow of Santa Carla, head of a nest of female vampires on the outskirts of town.

David, leader of the Lost Boys, is in debt to the Black Widow. Having laid a trap, using Grandpa and David as bait, the Widow awaits the arrival of the Frogs and Sam.

Let in by Grandpa, the Frogs and Sam are ambushed in the Widow's lair. An all-out fight ensues but something goes horribly wrong. Now Alan is a half-vampire!

Issue currently out of print.

Reign of Frogs #4

Spoliers Below!

Edgar finishes his tale, explaining that Grandpa was killed, Alan became a full-fledged vampire, and he and Sam escaped to fight another day.

Telling the kid to forget his dreams, a female vampire comes along and attacks the two, demanding to know the whereabouts of Michael and Star. Edgar manages to kill her but not without some help. The kid then accuses Edgar of embellishment of his tale. But the truth remains that Alan is now a vampire and there's still a war on. Edgar welcomes to kid to the Frog Army.

In a 1987 flash-back scene, the creation of Shane Powers as a vampire is described. At a beach party, a group of surfers are attacked by the Lost Boys. Only Shane survives, crawling into the surf and feeding off a Great White shark.

Issue currently out of print.

Lost Boys: The Tribe

Twenty years later...

Chris and Nicole Emerson have just lost their parents and are forced to move in with their eccentric aunt Jillian, who lives in Luna Bay.

When Nicole falls for local surfer Shane, Chris soon realizes his sister has fallen in with a pack of vampires who rule this tiny coastal town. With some help from Edgar Frog, Chris sets out to destroy the vampires and save his sister before she becomes a vampire herself.

Trailer for Lost Boys: The Tribe

Why this comic series FAILED!

A fan's opinion

Originally, Reign of Frogs was supposed to bridge the 20-year gap between The Lost Boys and The Lost Boys: The Tribe. It was supposed to fill fans in on what the Frog Brothers were up to, how the story progressed, and how Shane Powers became a vampire.

Unfortunately, Warner Bros decided to move up the release date of The Lost Boys: The Tribe, releasing it before the last issue of the comics was due to be released. And due to the utter incompetence and stupidity of the film's director, one PJ Pesce, the film's "story" was so contrived (basically a near carbon copy of the original but without decent acting and plot) that DC Comics' Wildstorm forced the screen writer Hans Rodionoff to change the end of the comics to reflect the botched story of the film.

On top of the mess, the comics weren't as great as they were hyped to be. Contrived one-liners and terrible graphics didn't help. If you were (un)lucky enough to read the comics before seeing The Lost Boys: The Tribe you at least had an understanding of why Edgar was acting the way he did. But then again, you also didn't have a chance to read the fourth issue and know how Shane Powers came to be.

Let me sum it up for you: Michael and Star aren't exactly dead, Sam and Nicole are their children, Alan Frog is a vampire, Grandpa was a vampire and is now dead, the Widow Johnson was a vampire but her whereabouts are unknown, and David wasn't killed by the horns and actually made Shane Powers a vampire.

See, the tacked-on end scene in issue four is actually a poor recreation of the scene in The Lost Boys where the vampires attack the Surf Nazis. Instead of all of them actually dying, one escapes. One who happens to be named Shane Powers.

In the end, the comic series was just as useless as The Lost Boys: The Tribe was in terms of being a sequel. Neither should have been made in the first place.

Tell us how much you love Edgar and Alan, the Frog Brothers!

Weapons check!

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    • profile image

      PaulRyan 5 years ago

      Never knew about the comics. Loved the original film, shall try to check these out

    • profile image

      djpyro 7 years ago

      man thanks for explaing this for me i just watched the tribe via netfilx and i was totally confused lol. If ever there needs to be a remake of a franchise this is it. Let me write it though I know exactly how i would do it.