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How Religion Versus God

Updated on January 8, 2015

Religion and Spiritual Divide

This lens is a review of my book,Religion Versus God, published in 2000 ISBN0-646-39352-2. It results from the things discovered in my search for the origins of Christianity. The results of that undertaking are shocking but they need to be told as lies and liars are ruling this world, and destroying it.

As a spiritual person with full memory of my reincarnation and now more than 20 years of research behind me the way of religion and the pain it inflicts on humanity is something to be abhorred. It wasn't only that side of things that was disturbing me but the fact that religious leaders know what I know, unless they are particularly stupid, and yet they continue to fool people who trust them, By speaking out and through lenses like this it is my desire to change the status quo of how much religious teachers get away with.

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The Origins of Icons and Symbols

They originate in sun worship

My research into the origin of language and religion showed me valuable links to symbolism and worship that can only have come from the sun. Aspects of the sun's rise and set makes patterns in the sky and on the ground, seen through tree branches where star shapes and multicolour lights form. Religion survives through these symbols and related lies and hysteria which people take to be sacred and yet they oppose the real God and their own spirituality.

Visions given to me before birth and during this life have described in detail how the Spirit, the creative force of the universe, is silenced and buried under the lies and filth of corruption. It bothers me that people turn to symbols, sun signs, fake statues and corrupt priests in expectation that they can be saved. Or that by some miracle or other they will have an eternal life in some mystical, magical place they call heaven. It bothers me more that they expect that those who do not believe as they do will spend forever more in a pit of fire.

If there is a heaven or hell then where are they? You are supposed to not question these religious lies and to have something called 'faith'. That term means ‘acceptance of the ridiculous without proof or justification’.

For something to exist it requires a presence. That is it must be able to be heard, touched, seen, tasted, or, at best, felt. But that does not happen. In fact the notions that support the existence of such places come only from the mind. They are constructed of make believe. But then again humans generally love make-believe and feed more on lies than ever they do on truth.

One can see how easily the sky at dawn can be taken for such an amazing place. Here is the residence of the sun, the star of heaven. But it is only a fleeting image as when the sun rises further there is nothing there but air and sky. But to die at dawn meant one went to this wonderful paradise because it can only be accessed at that time, according to old traditions.

Images of worship are mainly those formed by the sun at dawn. The cross can be seen as the sun passes the horizon, so too the six pointed star and, for the briefest of moments the colour green. The crescent moon with the 5 pointed star is an old symbol for Mother god (sun) and Father god (moon). The menorah, or seven candle holder, represents the seven pointed star which is an ancient symbol for Mother god, the sun. Other symbols are derivatives.

Statues and pictures that supposedly represent divine beings are figments of the imagination of respective artists. There were never any pictures or statues of the originals because they simply did not exist. The imagination is a powerful force in human nature and one can easily train it through brainwashing and human nature. It is a cop out to expect that you can have great things after death that you cannot have in life. The archaeological records show this has been part of human behaviour from the Palaeolithic to the present. Usually the same symbols have also carried through.

Churches, temples and mosques are built in the same trend.

Why Did This Happen

An extraordinary vision

The power increased when suddenly before me stood a man on a cross. His head was hanging when he lifted it, looked me in the eyes and called my name. "Norma". Inside I heard "Take me off the cross".

It was a commission, similar to other commissions already received. But this one was different. This man represented the Spirit and it was pleading with me. Sometime down the track it was made known to me that for God to get to Its children (God has no sex) it has to be that man on the cross. It had to turn into an image that people would engage with and draw close to. It had to become a lie.

This is a sad indictment of humanity that they will only believe lies. The adage comes to mind "they are not valiant for the truth upon the earth" and this "the truth will set you free." But man hides from the truth. Man wants to be God and is only content when the great Creative Power of the Universe is seen as nothing more than a man, and above all as one that could be murdered by other men. This is an appalling situation.

The look on the face of the man on the cross was that of sheer grief coupled with rejection, abandonment, innocence, desperation, helplessness and the pleading to be heard. The call for justice and for overturning the lie that turned God upside down and made the Spirit into the devil was everywhere.

But who could talk for him? He has no voice, only the liars who convince everyone that God cannot speak to us state what people want to hear. But the Spirit does a voice but it is blocked out by lies, make-believe, brainwashing and fear of eternal punishment. Man has made his own misery and disease, tragedies and everything else has followed.

Constantine is 666

Another extraordinary vision

It happened while I was dressing one morning that the words stood up in the air in big Capital letters CONSTANTINE IS 666, but what could it possibly mean. At that time I had little to no knowledge about him.

The impact of the message left me stunned. This was a puzzle that has stumped scholars for around 2 millennia and I was no scholar. The only thing I knew of Constantine is that he was a Roman Caesar who had to do with the Catholic Church. Then I begged of God, if I am to do this you must reveal everything, leave nothing out. That was a request that would leave no stone unturned. The depth to which I was taken is astounding.

The first place was to find out why Constantine is 666 and how that is worked out. It could only be at a time when English is the most used language, although not the most spoken one. The Internet and most authors use it and the majority of educated people have it at least as a second language.

Then his behaviour and activities were shown to me and why he founded the Catholic Church. How he put up the image of Christ and called it God. Remarkably it is supposedly the 'Son of God' which was a title he claimed for himself. As Sun of the sun he was deemed 'Son of Apollo' whom he worshiped all his life. How he used the image to credit himself with power and control and how it is still used by his religion for the same purpose was part of a massive conspiracy. His clever inauguration of the new religion as one that he had just discovered when, in fact, it was borrowed from earlier religions with modifications to hide the origins.

Then Jerome who was asked to formulate the order of service, the calendar, the instruments, furniture and other things related to the new religion arrived on the scene. He noted in his diary how he 'borrowed' the order of service, calendar and feast days from the Roman Imperial Religion. He then compiled the New Testament and altered his translation of the Greek version of the Septuagint to make them match up.

He noted "I put back what the Jews had taken out". He then added some passages of his own, namely Isaiah 9:6-8, which is completely out of context with the rest of the story. It stands out like a sore thumb. Even the wording is of a different style. There never was such a prophecy but people fall for it.

Then The Work Began

It would not let up for 20 plus years

The commission had impacted on me with all the stress and anxiety that such a task could muster. It was up to me to prove that Constantine is 666 and that God has no relationship to the man on the cross.

At first the answers came through the bible when I was led to research and study it from cover to cover. Then they came through a university course in archaeology, anthropology and linguistics in which the similarities of ancient religions were not only revealed but also the very sounds in language that we use on a daily basis is a record of the past. That record could never be tampered with and was hidden for the reason from the best scholars in the world. The Spirit showed me great secrets and irrefutable evidence and led me to the places where such evidence is hidden.

Along with these things the bible itself speaks volumes when understood. The contamination in there from man's attempts to alter the spiritual prophecies stand out and the repetitions of passages in several places show how corrupt authors tried to make it look like they had God's authority for their lies.

The only way to get this message out and to bring God off the cross was through a book. It was a hard thing to do for there was so much knowledge to put into it and it had to be something that could be easily read and understood by the majority, who would be its audience.

The book was finished and then it needed a publisher but the Spirit had told me to stop work and there was no money to approach the number of publishers and to send them return postage, etc. So I was led to publish it myself, which I have done. Then I published some web sites to support it and since then some e-books have been sold along the same lines.

But There Is a Better Way

Little by little, piece by piece

Publishing books and running sites on the Internet all cost money and my income is restricted because of the circumstances I am in. So my lenses on the religious and spiritual experiences and things taught to me give much of the information for nothing. It is not my desire to make money out the knowledge given to me although it has take around a quarter of a century of research and miles of hard work. But in the long run the important thing is to get the knowledge out there.

For months the Spirit sent me to people and each one listened with amazement as I explained the pain religion is causing. But this was expensive and only a few people at a time could be reached. Then the Spirit said "write it in a book." That's what I have done and this is a review of that work and the lenses that follow are part of the new way of publishing knowledge which was not known to me back then

Still images from Dreamstime - click here

© 2009 norma-holt

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I won't offer an opinion, but you make a good argument.

    • GetFactsnotHype profile image


      7 years ago

      I added this lens of yours to mine under the related lenses section using the discovery toolbar (on the right) for my lens about Missing Document Q at this URl

      Oh under the Constantine section you have 2 words together without a space, - just FYI.

    • profile image

      HappySeasons LM 

      8 years ago

      Hi Norma... I do agree with you that religion can be used for manipulation. Having said that, I also believe that there are a lot of good people too, that need religion to add meaning to their life.

      I admire the fact that you also self-published your book. I bet it wasn't an easy thing to do.

      Good luck. Matt

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Love the pics! =D


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