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Reside in indecision

Updated on December 7, 2011



A lost soul does not know it is lost.

It finds itself in a sort of comfort of companionship,

from where it can judge

what loneliness

could be

when it feels


bottled silence which fills up the capped bottle.

No One drinks

and no one feels thirsty to hear words

which never suffer the symphony of sound.

Thus it takes two to know loneliness

at a distance found in the comfort of companionship.

Loneliness leaves like a waking dream.

Souls never know how lost they are,

until someone finds them become who they are and that someone is left to wonder...

how they never know

how they become

who they come to be


they come by.

Peripheral and labyrinthine they pass on with silent wishes stilled in their silent bosom,

always overheard

always known

wishes which never awaken from their deepest slumber.

Maybe the very voice of words,

wake them up from the everlasting slumber

only for a while

to greet with

the agony of conceit.

And thus

lost souls which are happy to be lost

and which judge loneliness

at a perpetual distance

never are lost

to each other

and the somone

who finds them.

Until they truly happen to become



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    • rjsadowski profile image

      rjsadowski 6 years ago

      A lost soul does not know that it is lost, until it becomes lonely. Very profoumd. It makes you think.