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review on "the fountain head " by Ayn Rand

Updated on April 29, 2015


Ayn Rand’s “FOUNTAIN HEAD “ is an interesting and mind blowing fiction one could ever read in their life time. The book even though a classic ,is one of it’s kind and a radical piece .This book is in fact a befitting tribute to the profession of Architecture . I assure you that this book might be boring at most of the times but at the same time let me remind you my dear friends that all good things taste bad and do come at a cost .And being frank the only thought that came to my mind when I was reading this book is the triumphant feeling of having explored treasure troves of wisdom ,morale and what it means to stand up for what you thought is right.


The book basically enlightens us about the nobility of individualism over collectivism and an architect who breathed, lived and believed in what he thought was right inspite of criticism and many obstacles throughout his way .The kind of philosophy incorporated into this wonderful story is priceless .The story revolves around Howard Roark ,an inspiring architect who believes in modern architecture and is dismissed from his institute for not having paid heed to basics of renaissance while designing buildings and his philosophy of individualism .Roark sets for New York to work under Henry Cameron ,an architect who was once popular and went on to believe in modern architecture and lost all his clients .While Howard stands up for modern architecture ,his friend Peter Keating in whose home Howard resided during his tenure at Stanton, does not exhibit any character and bends according to the situations .He does not exhibit any passion towards architecture but sees it as a mean to earn name ,fame and money and expects everyone to look at it that way. Dominique is the daughter of Guy Francon, a leading architect in New York and writes columns on interior decoration and architecture in “The Banner” .She loves Howard Roark beyond infinity to an extent that being unable to stand up for him she gives herself up to collectivism .Ellsworth Toohey is an influential columnist on architecture who writes for “The Banner”.He always profess the superiority of collectivism over individualism.Gail Wynand is a rich man who owns “The Banner” .He takes pleasure in turning people into what they are fighting against .Wynand was fearless until one day he came across Roark.These characters set ablaze each and every reader’s soul with their unique philosophies as one sails through this novel.

an instance from the novel

. I would like to bring an instance to your notice from the novel to make the readers aware of the noble thoughts imbibed in each and every word,scene and thought.When Hopton Stoddard could not bear to see the temple constructed by Howard Roark and sues him, Dominique Francon was called upon by the judge to express her views on Stoddard temple as an author of a column on architecture then she says “the Stoddard temple must be destroyed .Not to save men from it ,but to save it from men .Let us destroy ,but don’t let us pretend that we are committing an act of virtue .Let us say that we are moles and we object to mountain peaks” .Through these words Dominique meant that the world has not yet come to a point where it could appreciate and adore the beauty of what Howard Roark has achieved and that these people are too premature to understand things of such greater significance and understanding like his works .Such is the depth of wisdom that Ayn Rand has presented to us in the form of her novel.


I profoundly agree that my review does not cover the entire plot of the novel but I honestly believe that my review does capture the essence and the spirit of the novel .As a good friend ,I personally recommend every reader of this hub to adore the beauty of the wisdom concealed in this book.


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