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Roger Hargreaves - creator of Mr Men and Little Miss books and toys characters

Updated on November 8, 2011

Who is Roger Hargreaves ?

A little known fact about Roger Hargreaves is that he was actually born Charles Hargreaves, but adopted his middle name for his writing name which quickly became recognized after reaching a publishing agreement for his first works.

Roger Hargreaves was not born of noble heritage, but followed in his fathers footsteps eeking out a living in their family laundry business. After a few years, with a huge passion for cartoonists of the day, Roger continued to spend most of his free time drawing and sketching short storyboards for ideas which were later to become the Mr Men and Little Miss series of books.

It was not easy as a young child during the war and much of his creative passion was created whilst looking for distraction from his surroundings. He knew he always wanted to be a cartoonist, but had so many ideas and characters in mind, that these characters and stories eventually spanned nearly 100 or so books during his published career.

Even though Roger Hargreaves had a short life by some standards, passing on at age 53, many of his Mr Men books were created for his children with the Little Miss Twins created for his twin daughters.

He penned several characters and created fantastic artwork for each series of books with some books even sporting his likeness.

Roger Hargreaves Mr Men and Little Miss characters

Roger Hargreaves Mr Men and Little Miss characters
Roger Hargreaves Mr Men and Little Miss characters

Mr Men and Little Miss

Roger's son, Adam Hargreaves, maintained his passion for his fathers creation after being integral in the first character, Mr Tickle,after having asked his father what a Tickle looked like.

Adam Hargreaves is still the main contributing cartoonist and writer for any new material created for the Mr Men and Little Miss series of books.

For over 40 years, it doesn't matter how old you are, you remember the odd ball characters of the Mr Men and Little Miss series. Remember the wind up toys that waddled across the floor.


Mr Men and Little Miss Characters

Roger Hargreaves Little Miss and Mr Men characters
Roger Hargreaves Little Miss and Mr Men characters

So who are the Mr Men and Little Miss characters

Mr Tickle

Mr Tickle was created with flexible rubber arms in a fresh bright orange color and sports a tiny blue hat on his head.

Mr Sneeze

Mr Sneeze appears with longer legs than the other characters in the MR men series giving him a shocked look. His head is a large blue star shape with an oval button orange nose.

Mr Nosey

Mr Nosey appears in a dark green format with an extremely large elongated nose

Mr Greedy

Mr Greedy is a pinkish color an always looks bloated and appears to look like a jelly bean

Mr Happy

Mr Happy appears in a bright orange color with smiling eyes and a super big smile on his face.

Mr Bump

Mr Bump has always been a favorite for kids and sports a simple bright blue body with a large white strip around his waist area.


Mr Men books - some under a Dollar

Little Miss - some books under a Dollar

Some of Roger Hargreaves' other works

Roger Hargreaves in his infinite passion for childrens books and characters, went on to pen more childrens books with the following characters.

Hippo Potto and Mouse

Easy Peasy People

Roundy and Squarey

The "I am" series

Walter Worm

John Mouse


Albert Elephant

Count Worm

and Grandfather Clock

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