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Romance Writing Prompts

Updated on September 28, 2014

100 Romance Writing Prompts

I have been writing prompts for writers for over seven years on Squidoo as well as on my blogs. It all started with the Write Prompts lens. If you are looking for random ideas there is the 100 Short Story Writing Prompts and if you are into zombies there is the 100 Zombie writing prompts. Be sure to sign up for The Write Prompts blog's daily prompt which emails you an update to a different format prompt every day (Journal, Image prompt, Poetry, Word, Story Starter, and Quote).

The Prompts Format

This lens focuses on romance. Each writing prompt will include the names of two people (it could be man/woman, man/man, woman/woman so be open to that but you can always change the names), it will include a location, and it will include a situation. From there it is up to you to develop the storyline and chemistry.

The Writing Approach

I suggest approaching each prompt as an exercise that needs to be completed. Give yourself a minimum goal of 500 words if it progresses into a longer short story, novella, or novel then that is awesome but your minimum should always be 500. You do not have to write it all in one sitting but it would be nice if you did.

The Rules

Other than that there are no other writing rules. As for copyright, you may not post these prompts anywhere else without permission. You are free to use them within your creative writing and to post that writing on your blog in that sense. It would be thoughtful if you provided a link back to this page. If you do use a prompt and post the resulting writing please feel free to link to it in the guestbook so we can check it out.

Citation: image courtesy Office Royalty-Free Clipart.

A Work in Progress

As you scroll down you'll see there are not quite 100 prompts yet. This page is my WIP that I add new prompts too every week. But there are more than enough to get you started and keep you going.

Romance Writing Prompts - 1 to 20

  • Rachel and Lester have been camping out at Fort Haven for three days before they realized access to the outside world had been cut off.
  • Meg and Ryan have a chance meeting on the subway when Meg misses her stop and is accosted by two other passengers.
  • Yvette is a single mom of one eight year old twin boy (the other died during a freak accident when he was four). She meets Gary and his "friends" at a cousin's wedding in the country.
  • AJ and Marta met at a West Coast college. They became study partners, friends, and eventually lovers. When they graduated they went to separate parts of the continent and have been brought together ten years later by a significant event in both of their lives.
  • Roxanne and Lil (short for Lilith) met at a Feminist conference three years ago. They have reached an impasse in their relationship--Roxanne wants to have a baby but Lil doesn't. To make matters worse Roxanne has been spending a lot of time with Will a man she works with whom she shares a mutual attraction.
  • Nate and Barbra met on a group camping trip with friends six months ago. They have been dating on and off for three months but Nate really wants to be dating Barbra's roommate Helena.
  • Billie runs into Mac's '72 Mustang with her SUV. Within five minutes Mac is asking her out but Billie is not so sure it is a good idea.
  • Kirsten and Jay have been married for twenty-five years when Jay decides one night that he needs to have an affair. He goes to a local bar that a friend of his recommended to "find" people. When he arrives he is more than surprised to see Kirsten having drinks with a well-dressed man at a private table. Instead of crashing their private party he decides to do everything within his power to win her back.
  • Tess and Erika work together at a lesbian art gallery in Somerset. They have always been friends and have been business partners for many years but have never been a couple. Each of them has had long term relationships with other people but they have never been single at the same time, until now. Each of them explores in their own way a possible match with one another.
  • Brian has worked for Holly's father on a cattle farm for thirteen years. She was twelve when he first met her and always thought of her as the little sister he never had. After four years at college she has come home to help her dad manage the farm. She always had a little bit of a crush on Brian but the possibility of a relationship always seemed ridiculous until her father mentions it jokingly (but not really) one night after supper.
  • Rebecca Black is arrested by Jerry Adams for drunken and disorderly content at Waverly Park. Although annoyed by her behavior he is allured by her beauty and humor. While driving her to lock-up he listens to her account of what led to the night's events. Pick their stories the night before they meet beginning with Rebecca.
  • Molly Miller lost her right leg below the knee when she was on tour in Afghanistan. When she came home she also lost her fiance who couldn't deal with what happened to her (in his mind she just wasn't the same person, in hers it was because she was not a whole woman). Molly has resigned herself to being alone but she isn't depressed about it and lives a full life. When she has a chance meeting with physiotherapist Miles Pierce she begins to think there is love in her future after all.
  • Stacie Conner rolled down a slope on a solo hike and injured her ankle. She had crawled half way back up by the time Dennis Fremont and his friend Karl Methos heard her calling for help. The men took turns carrying her back to civilization and Dennis went so far as to go to the hospital with her while Karl went to her place to feed her cat and her mother's visiting dog.
  • Thirteen month's ago Lisa tried to commit suicide. Three months ago she started dating James, a handsome young doctor she met in a coffee shop around the corner from where she works. She immediately had a familiar feeling about him that she thought was because she had seen him in the coffee shop on more than one occasion. What she doesn't realize is that James was the attending doctor on call the night she was brought into the hospital.
  • When John lost Diane he never thought that anyone could fill the void she left behind. He had known Helen almost as long as he'd loved Diane -- they were best friends. After Diane died Helen was still a part of his life and helped him through his grief. When he started dating again she was encouraging and even set him up with a few friends. He never really saw her in any other light other than Diane's friend who was also his friend until...
  • Marie is 32 years old and has been suffering from adult onset seizures with no apparent cause. She is not handling it well emotionally so her doctor suggests an epilepsy support group that meets every Wednesday night at 8pm. This is where she meets Stephen.
  • Angela is getting married in six weeks to Dale but she thinks she is actually in love with her boss Larry. They are going away on a week long conference in Vegas and she is hoping to put the feelings to rest. Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?
  • Edward was not a vampire but he hoped he could appeal to Kimberly's love of vampires books by inviting her to a Creatures of the Night cosplay party. They had talked socially but he had never gotten the nerve to ask her on a date until now.
  • George and Susan Stiles have been married for thirty-five years. They have two adult children who are both getting married within a month of one another. The stress of wedding planning and George's impending retirement has put a lot of stress on their marriage, so much so, they are considering parting ways once their children's weddings are out of the way. In an effort to reconnect they plan a weekend away from all the wedding craziness.
  • Robert Taylor has been a dentist for two years at Smith and Argyle Dentistry. They recently hired a new assistant and Dr. Taylor finds himself sneaking away between patients to cross paths with her in the office. Rebecca has noticed he always seems to be around and it's kind of creeping her out. When Robert's assistant calls in sick on Friday, Rebecca is assigned to assist him. The experience allows both of them to get to know one another a little more closely.

Romance Authors Talk Shop

Sometimes the best inspiration to write is listening to other romance authors talk their craft. There are a few videos of inspirational authors throughout this page to get you started. Be sure to check out the last one which is a fun video depicting a day in the life of a romance author.

"Men always want to be a woman's first love... women like to be a man's last romance."

~ Oscar Wilde

"We are all fools in love."

~ Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Romance Writing Prompts - 21 to 40

  • Karen Marshall has been a Social Worker for ten years. One day while doing a home visit with an eight year old boy she meets David Kazinsky the boy's neighbor.
  • Steve likes motor bikes and getting dirty while Amy loves tutus and everything in its place. They meet at a Prince concert. She was there by choice with her friends. He was there because the tickets were a gift from a client.
  • Andrew Lincoln's wife is dying of cancer. Heather doesn't want him to be alone when she's gone so she creates a dating profile for him with full disclosure of what she is doing (on the profile, not to her husband) and weeds through prospective possibilities of love for when she's gone.
  • Michael Huff is an amateur rose breeder. He has successfully created two new breeds and is currently working on a third called Carol. It is named after the server who gives him his Danish every Tuesday and Thursday morning.
  • Peg Ryan and her travelling companion Lesley Holmes are spending the summer exploring Ontario. She meets Darryl Greystoke in the hotel breakfast lounge one morning during a two day stopover in Peterborough.
  • Laura Rand is a drone technician who lives in Washington with her calico cat Rufus. Jason Hardling gets transferred into the tech office across from her team's.
  • More Coming Soon!

"Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile."

~ Franklin P. Jones

What is Your Romance Preference - You can only pick one!

You are trapped on a deserted island, which genre would you like to find?

See results

Romance Writing Prompts - 41 to 60

  • More Coming Soon!

"Romance is everything."

~ Gertrude Stein

Romance Writing Prompts - 61 to 80

  • More Coming Soon!

Romance Writing Prompts - 81 to 100

  • More Coming Soon!

Before you go leave a note to let us know you were here. At a loss of what to say? Here are a few suggestions:

* Did you use a prompt?

* What did you write?

* Do you have a favorite romance author?

* What have you read lately that was awesome?

Thanks for Stopping By!

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