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Five Wounded Hero Romances For The Beach

Updated on March 22, 2013

Summer is a great time for reading! But rather than the intense and heavy books of winter, the beautiful weather outdoors in the summer lends itself to light reading. Now is the time for the fun and fluffy books that your more serious side might be ashamed to be caught reading!

My favorites are romances and not just any romances. I like love stories with heroes who are not so perfect. No billionaire charmers that every woman in the world wants to be with for me! I want a romance hero who is overlooked. A man who is wonderful but a diamond in the rough, unrecognized for the great man that he is.

Here are my recommendations for five light romances for beach reading, every one of them with a hero who is just a little bit vulnerable (and hence, adorable!)

{Image from Flickr: Some rights reserved by Raymond Brown}

1) Cowboy Down - As sweet a love story as you'll find

Cowboy Down (The Kings of Montana Book 1)
Cowboy Down (The Kings of Montana Book 1)

Layla witnesses a murder and is placed in protective custody. Doesn't sound like the start to a light read? It is! Moved from Chicago to Montana, Layla starts living with a group of four cowboy brothers who are wonderful, sweet, and gentlemanly. One in particular she feels immediately comfortable with and a sweet love story (with plenty of mis-communication!) ensues.


3) A Heart of Little Faith - An adorable child helps the love story along

A Heart Of Little Faith
A Heart Of Little Faith

The main characters may not be too certain about each other's intentions at first, but her daughter immediately is enamored with him and he proves to be a great father figure.


4) Stranger in Town

Stranger in Town (Harlequin Superromance No. 1278)
Stranger in Town (Harlequin Superromance No. 1278)

A variety of characters in a small town make this an entertaining read. Though the heroine caused the accident that paralyzed the hero, it isn't at all heavy or depressing. Both characters handle themselves well and the antagonists in the town keep the tension high.


5) Are You Alone on Purpose? - First love is the sweetest

Are You Alone on Purpose?
Are You Alone on Purpose?

This is a young adult book, and on the young side of young adult too. But it's a wonderful love story for any age, really. The main characters are very believable teenagers falling in love for the first time. They are an unexpected pair but help each other to become their best selves.


Some of my own books... - Books I wrote that you might enjoy

What are your favorite beach reads?

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