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Romantic Poetry That Will Melt Your Heart

Updated on May 24, 2016


He cares
he doesn’t care
it’s a disguise
he loves me
he doesn’t love you
it’s all lies
all you want for him
he doesn’t treat you right
he’ll love me ‘til he dies
you need to wake up and see the sunrise
I would protect him with my life
are you not listening to me
don’t you see
for you he wouldn’t bother to put up a fight
you sound like you don’t care for your life
shut up stop talking your words cut me like a knife
you are going insane
he doesn’t feel the same
to him it’s nothing more than a silly little game
I have never felt this way
I love him
girl, don’t you see its not love
it’s nothing
but lust
it will soon blow over with the wind
like dust
don’t forget
metal looks perfect
‘til it begins to rust
I will never give up
let go
by now you should be done
no I want to stay
wait another day
not yet have I had enough of his morning sun
his smile
you need to turn another dial
what are you waiting for
your death
a trial
where those who love you bare witness
the man behind that smile
the only thing to be said is you’re done


I smile
Life is too short
death is sharpening its clause
The curtains are being drawn
still I smile
that’s why?
Death took what was mine
I cried
no we
no us

That’s why?
Now once again
I smile?
Stop questioning
the answer
is right before you

let me smile at life
for life is crying for me

My Appology

You want me to appologise
So I will I am sorry that for you I could kill
I am sorry at your request I spend my nights talking to you In the freezing cold by my window sill
I am sorry for you there is nothing I wouldn't do
I am so sorry that you are incredibly stupid and don't have a clue
I am sorry for loving you
I am sorry that I let you decide
But after all just like you said it is your life
I am sorry that now you are gone I refuse to cry
I am sorry my life is now too precious for you to die
I am sorry you want the truth so I am not going to lie
I am sorry I can't take the stress so this is goodbye
I am sorry it hurts you to hear it never would have worked
I am sorry that my cleanliness was beasmuged by your filthy dirt
This goes without saying I am not sorry this is going to hurt
I am not sorry because where there is no trust all love is cursed
I am sorry I couldn't provide you with the pain you deserve
I am sorry that I am not sorry at all Because you bought it upon yourself when you built that brick wall


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