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Wild Hearts pt 1

Updated on November 12, 2015

Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high,
the doors she wouldnt open and the key she swore she'd hide and in no man would she ever dare again confide. retreated behind the walls to live with the animals and flowers that lived inside, so right outside the walls i planted roses by her side,

watered them with daily doses and spoke to them of my emotions for the girl in the garden whos door couldnt be opened. The roses offered their advice and diagnosis. They grew as high as the sky and climbed over the walls that divided her and i until they reached that girl who locked herself inside, told her how theres love which in his heart resides, which is fueled by your divergence and that look thats in your eyes, all he wants is a closer look and for you to give him a try, if you wont believe him then trust us, you know roses never lie,

so the girl trusting nature more than she did people, took out a shiny object and stuck it in the keyhole, stepped out and saw someone dressed in red with a look that seemed peaceful, as a lion slept by his side and perched on his shoulders were a raven and an eagle, a wild one just like her she thought, as she heard "Naara you've met your equal," words whispered by a green snake right by her earlobe, but to find out what happened next you'll have to read the sequal.

Wild Hearts pt 1


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