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Sally Wentworth Harlequin titles 70's and 80's

Updated on July 1, 2011


Sally Wentworth was a wonderful romance writer who wrote dozens of books for Harlequin, in both the Harlequin Romance and Harlequin Presents line. Most of the books were set in Great Britain, with a few in more exotic locations. She wrote books from the late 1970s through to the 1990s. Sally Wentworth passed away in 2001.

I am slowly reading all the vintage harlequins and as I do, I am adding details to the descriptions in bold.

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Every word of his might well be a lie. Adrift in the Caribbean, wrecked against a reef, stranded alone on an island with someone who called himself Mike Scott--Samantha tried desperately to recall the events that had brought her to such an impasse. Samantha couldn't remember anything--not her name, nor even this tall, suntanned stranger who had saved her from death and who claimed to be her husband. But Samantha had no proof: no papers, no ring, no recollection of those deep blue eyes that kept staring intently into her own. She wanted to believe him--but how could she?

Samantha wakes up in a dingy, she has a head wound. This causes her to remember nothing. Mike tells her that they were on their honeymoon when the boat capsizes. They get to an island and are eventually rescued. Once they are back to civilization, Sam sees a newspaper story about a millionaire who's daughter is kidnapped and she called the man. Her father comes to get her and tells her she was kidnapped. But Mike gets in touch with her and tells her that they were secretly married. She doesn't know who to believe.

Her father is wealthy and is pushing her to marry a French aristocrat, but Mike keeps trying to see her without her father knowing. He tells her they met when he rescued her from a suicide attempt, her father was making her life miserable. The amnesia theme is pretty common in romances, this is the only one I ever read where she doesn't get her memory back. She just decides to trust Mike, even though there is no proof of their wedding. (Her father had the evidence destroyed.)



"Hurry Mike,or the boat will be gone." Samantha rushed up to Mike and grabbed his arm. "Quick, light the bonfire--we can signal the boat."

He swung around to face her and spoke with bewildering urgency. "Let it go, Sam," he said. "Why go back to civilization when we're happy and content as we are? We have each other...."

She stared at him in stunned surprise. "But we can't stay her forever, Mike!"

"No, not forever, but there'll be other boats. We can wait for the next one, or the one after that."

"There might not be another boat for months," Sam cried. "Oh, Mike, please! We have to light the bonfire."

Reluctantly he lifted the red-hot brand and carried it toward the pile of coconut fiber and driftwood. "Oh, Sam," he said in a strange, cracked voice, "If you only knew what you are doing...."



What had she done to make him hate her? Lori's arrival in Rhodes was daunting. She'd been so delighted with the chance at a film role that her reception on location was a shock. Lewis Brenth, the director, seemed convinced she'd landed the part by means other than her acting ability. Even worse, he doubted her morals! Initially, all Lori wanted was his approval of her acting. Then it became vital to have him respect her as a woman. For, foolishly, she was in love with a man who despised her!



Her love rapidly turned to hate. Gael had easily been won by Leo Kane's handsome looks and savoir faire. She eagerly accepted his marriage proposal and looked forward to the adventure of living in Indonesia. But her bridal hopes were quickly shattered when she discovered Leo had staged their marriage for revenge. He wanted to make her pay for a wrongdoing he thought she'd committed. Unfortunately, Gael couldn't prove her innocence. All she wanted was to escape the husband she now despised. She must find some way to avoid being part of his crazy scheme!

Gael's brother in law was actually driving, but he was afraid he would lose his job, so he convinced Gael to take the blame for the accident that claimed 2 lives. Since both were drinking, Gael was punished by losing her license. But there was an ice patch, so that was all the punishment. The girl killed turns out to have been Leo's fiancée, as he tells Gael on their wedding night. He also say he can't stand to touch her, but he doesn't see how his career should be hurt because of her actions. He needs to be married for his job.

He doesn't tell her until they have left England and are in Bali, he then tells her that he will not allow her to leave. She has no money, no passport. In the end, they agree she will stay 6 months, just for the sake of his career. Leo talks tough but he isn't really tough enough for revenge of this kind. He reconsiders and tries to make things easier for her, by giving her an allowance, which she won't accept and giving her a job, which she does accept. But Gael is suspicious and won't take any steps towards him.



"I'm asking you to come with me." As he spo0ke, Leo swung around to face her.

"Why?" Gael asked derisively. "So that the whole club can see what a devoted husband you are?"

"I want you to come as my wife." Leo said grimly.

"Your wife!" Gael laughed mirthlessly. "I'm just the poor fool who fell for your all-too-obvious charms. The dupe you're using to take your vengeance out on and to further your career. All right, I'll go because that's part of our bargain, but let's not have any false ideas about it. I go on sufferance."

He took his hands from his pockets and she saw they were clenched tightly. "It doesn't have to be that way, Gael."

She stared at him, trying to read his expression. "Yes, it does," she said heavily. "There'll never be any other way."



"Place high, or win, or else..." Toni knew what her father would do if she failed to come first--or nearly first--in the cross-Britain motor rally. He had once been a driver, and now Toni was his successor. She had to be good. That was why having Adam York as rally navigator was so irritating. What did he know about racing? Just because he was her sponsor didn't mean he could help her win. Toni cringed at the thought of spending days cooped up in a car alone with Adam--but she was in for a few surprises!



Holly Weston had done it all alone. She had raised her small son and worked her way up to features writer for a major newspaper. Still the bitterness of the past seven years lingered. She had been very young when she married Nick Falconer--but old enough to lose her heart completely when he left. Despite her success in her new life, her old one haunted her. But it was over and done with--until an assignment in Greece brought her face to face with Nick, and all she was trying to forget.



No situation could be more ridiculous. To be "hiding out" as a rich man's maid at Abbott's Arbory did not suit Pandora at all. She was thoroughly modern, enjoying her university friends and her fast motorcycle. And she thought that rich people were greedy capitalists! But there seemed nothing greedy about Sir James Arbory, baronet, wealthy though he was. Pandora was too smart, however, to make a fool of herself over a member of the nobility. Even if he was handsome. Even if she wasn't really his servant. Even, in fact, if she loved him.



Marnie couldn't escape from herself. The Scottish island was remote enough--just the place to recover from her fiance's betrayal and her sister's tragic death. The only trouble was that the neighbors wanted to be neighborly. Marnie finally had to tell interfering Ewan McNeill that she just wanted to be left alone. "Okay, lady, have it your way, " he replied coldly. "But you sure aren't going to last long on Culla the way you're going on." His unsympathetic words made her all the more determined to manage without help--especially his!

Marnie's older sister brings home Alan, her new boyfriend, and he falls for Marnie immediately. Marnie is extremely beautiful and men always do what she wants. She was only 17 so her parents wouldn't let them marry. Alan was also still training as a vet and by the time he graduated Marnie was enjoying being a model and was in no hurry to marry. The engagement lasts 6 years. Marnie's sister was in love with her fiancé and while Marnie was away, slept with him. Marnie comes home for Christmas and is told about that affair and that her sister is pregnant. She is very upset and runs out of the house to her car and , at the last moment, her sister jumps in beside her. She is driving fast and won't listen to her sister, but she does not cause the car accident. A drunk driver hits a patch of ice and plows into their car and kills her sister. She had a mental breakdown and thought a break from her life in England would help so she comes to Culla.

Marnie acts very rudely, but she is depressed, hates herself and is actually somewhat suicidal. One of her neighbors, Morag leaves her a meal for the first night and this makes her furious. When the woman comes by she gives her back everything she brought and takes her key. Moran immediately goes to tell Ewan. Ewan was born on the island but raised in England. He is a writer with a Great Dane dog named Brutus. Normally, I would say that Marnie is kind of a bitch, but you can see she is in so much pain that she is acting irrationally. She was in the hospital for weeks before she came to Culla and she is run down and running away from her problems. It isn't so much the fiancé's cheating that bothers her. But her parents wouldn't visit her in the mental hospital and at the funeral Alan called her a murderer.

Ewan is her nearest neighbor and comes to her rescue even though she doesn't want him to. In the story, Marnie perpetually has trouble with the peat fire. She had kicked Morag out before she could tell her how to use peat for a fire. So her fires keep going out. She sets her chimney on fire by using diesel fuel on the peat and Ewan puts out the fire. She is always on the lookout for wood. Eventually she starts breaking down a shed and it falls on her. The metal roof cuts her leg and she lays outside for hours in the cold. Marnie gets herself out of that but being outside so long has left her with a chill. Ewan takes her to his house to recover and Morag comes to care for her there. Later he rescues her from a mist. Marnie rescues his dog when he is hurt but still wants nothing to do with Ewan. She does make friends with the dog, however. She also makes up with Morag and becomes friends with her daughter who gets married in the course of the book.

But before the friend's wedding, Alan shows up and they get re-engaged. Ewan is away on the mainland when Alan comes. Marnie is very happy about the engagement and it takes her awhile to realize it is not Alan that is making her happy. It was finding out that her parents and Alan don't blame her for the crash. Her dad had a heart attack while she was in the hospital so that is why he couldn't visit. Her father blamed himself for letting the affair happen and felt very guilty. Ewan comes back and they all go to the wedding where an old man is hurt. Ewan leaves Brutus with her while he takes the man on his boat. He is gone a few days and Marnie realizes she does not love Alan and sends him away. While she is in his house she finds a file on her.

When Ewan had been away earlier he had gone to visit Alan and told him where she was. Marnie is confused by this at first. But she has been intrigued by Ewan calling her mo ghraidh a couple of times so asked Morag what it meant (my love). So she knows he loves her even before he tells her. Which is a little unusual in a romance, usually the heroine has to wait for a declaration at the end, but she knows already. I find this book very satisfying and well written. Marnie is sort of spoiled but her pain and guilt is so obvious that it is forgivable. A few people in the book think she looks haunted. When she sees blood on a rock she follows it until she finds Brutus with a cut paw. He is a huge dog and she is afraid of him but she doesn't leave him ,she binds up his paw and slowly walks him home, but doesn't take him all the way to Ewan's door. She is just so hurt she doesn't want to see anyone.

But I see why Ewan keeps bothering her. She is all alone on a remote island, she doesn't even know how to light a peat fire. And is obviously going through something serious. He at first thinks she is punishing someone by hiding away but eventually realizes she is punishing herself . That's why he has a detective on her case. He can't stand to see her in pain. He tells Alan where she is so if Alan is what she wants she can have him back. Having Alan forgive her frees her from a lot of her pain. I can understand why Marnie and Ewan act the way they do. She from her pain and Ewan from loving her so much he wants her to be happy. This is such a well written romance. I really enjoyed it. Normally I would not like Marnie, but she is actually kind of brave. She keeps on living, rescues Brutus and is drawn into the lives of the islanders against her will.



The man she'd loved had ruined her life. "I didn't do it!" Lyn had protested, horrified, when accused of drug smuggling. But no one--customs officials or jury--had believed her. And then she discovered that her pilot boyfriend, Beric, had deliberately set her up! Her blind, trusting love rapidly turned to hate. After three years in prison, she was determined to be revenged on Beric. So she worked out a complicated plan to get back into his life without his knowing who she was. And it worked. But not quite in the way that Lyn had intended.



She hadn't intended to become a stowaway. Running away from her fiance's crude advances, Michelle plunged from bad to worse--literally. Her misadventure included a chill dunking in the Thames and a narrow escape onto a moored yacht, where she collapsed in exhaustion. When she finally awoke she had another shock. The vessel was far out to sea, bound for Bermuda. And she was totally alone with the autocratic captain, Guy Farringdon. Michelle smoldered at Guy's ultimatum--that she work for her passage. But she didn't dare accept his alternative suggestion .

Guy owns a boat yard and is taking the boat to Bermuda for a boat show. Michelle ran away from her boyfriend who was trying to force her to have sex with him on the riverbank. Michelle lies to Guy, saying she was at a boat party that got out of hand, and giving a wrong address for her passport. it isn't until Bermuda that he gets the truth out of her. She is fed up with her life. Her boyfriend turns out to be a potential rapist, his parents are star-struck by her actress mother, who didn't even bother to come to her engagement party. Michelle hasn't even seen her father for several years. So, Michelle is fed up and just wants to get away.



"I'll pay you back when we arrive...."

Michelle's voice was unsteady, but she stood her ground, even when Guy retorted. "The answer's still no, If I agreed to accept pay, you'd expect me to feed you and run around for you as well as sail the boat. No, you'll work, young lady---even if you think you're too good for that kind of thing."

Michelle yelled back at him. "I'm not doing any more of your filthy horrible jobs!"

"All right," he answered. "If you won't work your passage as crew then you'll have to work it the other way. There has to be something you're good at. Maybe it's this......"

And taking hold of her arm, he pulled her firmly toward hi, bending his mouth to her lips......



"We'll visit each other on weekends." Two career people in the same marriage was suddenly an incredible strain. Cassie's job as a fashion buyer was taking off, and Simon's oil company had just handed him a major promotion and a new three-year position in Scotland. There was no way Cassie would leave London, and no way Simon would stay! Their marriage had been blissfully happy up until then, and they loved each other deeply. Would infrequent meetings intensify their love--or tear them apart?



Something in his past worried him. Yet Rafe Hendrix was obviously not a man to accept defeat, and Charis immediately knew he was the one who could rescue her young sister. Jane had been spirited away by a religious sect, (cult) and Charis feared for her safety and sanity. Rafe planned their campaign with an army efficiency, and as Charis's admiration grew, so did her love for him. But Rafe had made it clear from the start there could be no place for a woman in his life.



She wasn't going to give up easily. To compete in a man's world, Leigh knew she'd have to be twice as good at her job. For even though she was a qualified, experienced pilot, her new boss made it clear he'd get rid of her as soon as possible. Bryce Allerton, head of his own air-charter company, was prejudiced against women on his staff, and there were many rumors to explain why! Leigh was prepared to fight him--but she hadn't counted on having to fight her own feelings!

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Alexa's heartache was an age-old story. Alexa's best friend had married Mark, the man Alexa had loved. Suddenly all her dreams were shattered, and she no longer wanted to live, But she was not allowed that refuge. Scott Kelsey, Mark's brother, would not have such scandal affect their family's proud reputation. "I'm taking you with me", he informed her, preparing to return to South America. His resemblance to Mark was unmistakable, and she could always pretend. But Scott, she quickly discovered, was a copy of no man.

Alexa met Scott at Mark's wedding ,her pride made her go to the wedding, even though Mark was marrying a girl who was supposed to be her bridesmaid. Scott drives her home and they start to make love, but she calls him Mark. Later she tries to kill herself. She gave up her job, her best friend betrayed her and she was jilted so she feels like she has nothing to live for. But Scott says this will ruin Mark's marriage, so he marries her and takes her to Brazil with him.



A crazy kind of excitement filled her, and she had the strangest feeling of being split--one part of her a puppet being scintillating and amusing, the other a woman watching herself detachedly.

She put a record on the stereo. "We didn't finish that dance," she said huskily.

"No, we didn't." Scott took her in his arms, and they moved slowly to the music. She looked at him, and he bent his head to kiss her. She responded ardently. Then slowly, deliberately she pressed herself against him.

Scott stared at her. "Alexa, are you sure this is what you want? You've had quite a lot to drink...?"

She smiled seductively. "I'm at my best after I've had a few drinks."



His love was only an illusion. On her wedding day, Kate felt how miraculous was to truly love and beloved. As Hugo's wife, she knew the rest of her life would be blessed Then Kate overheard her husband's grim plan for their future together--a plan of revenge against Kate! Desperately hurt and afraid of the stranger who was her husband, she ran away to Majorca, to heal her broken heart in safety and solitude But she underestimated the power of Hugo's will and the compulsion that drove him to reclaim her--for better, or for worse!



Never before had Cordelia experienced such desire as she felt for Marcus Stone, And one sultry night in the exotic gardens of his Sri Lankan home, he revealed his own fierce passion for her. Then suddenly he became remote, and strangely reluctant to accept what she wanted to give. “Are you willing to take a risk if you want something badly enough?” Cordelia had asked him. Marcus had shown he was a risk taker in other ways. But now he was very clearly showing Cordelia that he didn’t want her.



He was more attractive than she'd imagined. Out of work and low on savings, actress Abby Stevens agreed to help Charles Bradbury get his revenge on the man who had ruthlessly ruined his daughter's life. Abby would play the femme fatale. She had been forewarned that Lance Lazenby was the type of man who would not hesitate to twist an innocent girl's heart around his little finger. Luckily the script did not call for the heroine to fall in love with the villain. How was Abby to know that her heart would begin acting of its own accord?

Charles Bradbury thinks that Lance is up to something illegal and since Abby looks like Bradvbury's daughter, he hires her to get close to Lance. They are business rivals and he says that Lance got his daughter hooked on drugs. Abby meets Lance at an auction and she and Lance have a whirlwind romance. It turns out Bradbury is lying.



What do you want?" Abby could read nothing in Lance's face, and it unnerved her.

"This." Stepping into the room, he pulled her roughly into his arms. There was a mastery in his embrace, a hard demanding possessiveness, and Abby's response required no acting ability. Something inside her seemed to ignite and burst into flame.

"I've been wanting to do that since the first moment I saw you." he said, letting her go.

Abby was staring at her wide-eyed and open-mouthed. My God, she thought, did he always kiss like that? No wonder poor Sara Bradbury had fallen for him.

Lance stood back looking at her with a rather rueful smile. "I'm sorry--have I taken you by surprise?"



When a father objects to his daughter’s whirlwind romance, the daughter rebels . And within the week , she is living in the Canary Islands home of a stranger—her husband.



He is a modern-day conqueror intent on claiming the heart of a fair English maiden . Unfortunately she’s already engaged. But that doesn’t deter him in the least.



Tressy had grown up with the string-bound generosity of her cousin’s family. So when they invited her to join them on the French Riviera, she knew there’d be a catch. Sure enough, they wanted her services a beautician for their daughter, Nora. But they especially wanted her word that she’d keep away from their intended quarry, the eminently superior Crispin Fox, whom they’d earmarked as a son in law. Only try as she might, Tressy found herself unable to avoid attracting the attention of Crispin—and with it Nora’s wrath!



Norrie had fallen disastrously in love with Bruno Denton 4 years ago, when he'd taken over her father's newspaper. Unwittingly she'd given him everything he'd wanted-her body, her soul and the information he'd needed to destroy her father. Now that she'd succeeded in rebuilding her life, she couldn't bear to sit idly by as history repeated itself-not when Bruno was trying to take control of more than just a newspaper. He was also trying to take control of her little nephew-as if he thought the boy belonged to him.
The child is really just her nephew, but Bruno thinks he is his son. She lets him think that and agrees to marry him just for Ben's sake. She hates Bruno for deserting her and on her wedding night tells him so. She says she will expose his nasty tricks unless he pays off the people that he wrongly fired at her dad's paper.



“Are you accusing me of lying?” Count Berini denied all knowledge of Petra’s friend Sara, the girl he’d run off with. But Petra had seen them drive away together in Carlo’s red Ferrari—and now Sara had disappeared. Petra’s blood ran cold. Most people come to Venice to fall in love. Yet here she was, a mere au pair girl, accusing a respected Venetian count of kidnapping—seduction at the very least. Then gradually she was drawn in by Carlo’s charm, wooed by his almost mesmerizing masculinity to the point where she almost forgot the circumstances that had brought them together.



The new physiotherapist for a famous English soccer team expects some reisistance to her appointment, but not from the youngest member of the board of directors. What could he have against her?



To shield her married sister from kidnappers, Domino takes her place in the Austrian Alps. But her own heart is held ransom when she falls in love with her bodyguard and can't tell him she's not a married woman.



Hurt and humiliated by love, Romily heads for the sanctuary of her brother’s hotel in Scotland. But it’s not long before a devastatingly attractive Highland laird exerts his bewitching—and dangerous—charm on her.



7 years has only added to the legacy of bitterness Zara feels at Heath Masterson’s rejection. Now she is in a position to extract anything she wants from him. Her head says revenge---but she can’t get her heart to agree.



Rex could have any woman he wanted, except Harriet Sutton. Before she'd even met him, Harriett disliked Rey Kynaston. She expected the American actor to be a vain playboy who could ruin the project they were to work on together. When Rex arrived in England, Harriet gave him the cold shoulder, but to her chagrin he seemed determined to win her over. And, she had to admit, he turned out to be likable and talented. Although he scoffed at romance, Rex made it clear that he wanted Harriet. But she wanted more--caring, trust,commitment---love....

Harriet is working with him on a murder mystery film. She finally agrees to date him but really all he wants is sex. Rex asks her to live with him and she thinks he means that he wants her to go back to the United States with him, he is surprised and says the relationship will end as soon as the picture is done. Harriet doesn't agree to the cold-blooded relationship.



"You want me as much as I want you." Rex continued determinedly. "the way you kissed me proves that. So why this act of playing hard to get."

"Hard to get? I've only know you a week!" Harriet's voice trembled. "I don't go to bed with men I've just met. And I'm not going to bed with you just because you happen to be America's number five sex symbol. Anyway, in my book it's called making love, and there has to be real emotion involved."

"So you want it all dressed up as romance." Rex said derisively. "But I'm not going to make it easy for you by saying I'm in love with you. You're going to bed with me, Harry--and on my terms, not on yours."



Casey's heart overflowed with joy the day she said "I do" to Reid Lomax. In the rosiness of a whirlwind courtship, life with a world champion power-boat racer seemed so glamorous. Until her brother's near fatal accident, on the eve of her honeymoon-in the very sport that her new husband loved and fully intended to pursue. The risk to Casey's dreams of forever was clear ; and in her young determined heart, so was the solution. Reid would have to choose-between his passion for racing and his passion for her.Casey meets Reid in a car park, where she had blocked his car in, she was having a bad day and a rude man in an eye patch yelling at her was the last straw. Casey makes sweaters for a living and Reid designs boats, he races the boats to advertise them.



"Don't use sex as a weapon, Casey, It's all wrong." Reid pulled her into his arms. "I want to love you more than anything else in the world. To touch you and say your name. To feel your body against mine."

"No! Don't touch me." With supreme effort, Casey tore herself out of Reid's arms. "You're a liar!" she yelled. "You say that you want us to be lovers more than anything else in the whole world. But it isn't true. If it were, you'd want it more than you want to race. But you won't give up racing so it can't be true."

"Typical feminine logic," Reid growled. "I suppose I'm a fool to think that you'd understand. You're too young." Shoving his hands in his pockets, he turned away.

"Not too young to know that I don't want you to get killed." Casey said as a great sob tore through her.



They needed more than love to make a marriage. Wary of men since her tumultuous love affair with Luis, Carina did not relish the idea of returning to Portugal, in need of her estranged husband's help to find her younger sister. They had parted in anger, and with no word from Luis in nearly five years, Carina no longer blamed their separation on parental disapproval and interference. What they had called love must surely have been youthful infatuation. Or, at most, a purely pleasurable sexual relationship. So, cool and aloof was the way to approach Luis again, for heaven forbid that those longings return!



He seemed determined to ruin her holiday. Storm desperately needed a break from her high-pressure singing career. She sought refuge on the primitive Indonesian island where her engineer brother worked. As an escape, it proved decidedly disconcerting. For the island spelled trouble--political unrest, her sister-in-law's illness and the taunting presence of Luke Ballinger. Storm detested Luke--the arrogant owner of the construction company her brother worked for--and yet she found his touch unnerving. And his apparent affair with a beautiful local girl filled her with dismay.



He was no longer part of her life. Madeleine's anguish when watching West Marriot race, and his refusal to give up the dangerous world of fast cars, had led to their painful divorce. She had managed to avoid the facts surrounding the spectacular crash that had critically injured her ex-husband until she was called on for her professional help as a physiotherapist. It seemed that West needed a reason to walk again. But Maddy wondered if she could treat him as just another client. Especially when it became evident that West was still interested in her.



Her glamorous sister, Verity, spoiled Charlotte’s early romance with Craig Bishop. Now , 6 years later, with Charlotte’s dreams about to come true, Verity seems ready to do it again!



“the worst is still to come, “ Bruce said. Especially for you, Felicity thought, if only he knew. But Bruce was talking about the hurricane and she was thinking of what she had in store for him. Felicity regarded him as her brother’s murderer, fit only for hatred and contempt. She couldn’t deny his attraction for her, nor her feelings. But she had come to the island on a mission of vengeance and she couldn’t let Bruce’s magnetism deflect her plans!



You're no match for Max, they warned her But Lee couldn't quite believe all they said about Max von Reistoven. Then she discovered he'd stop at nothing to restore her inherited chalet to his own castle estate. She wanted simple justice from this aristocrat who seemed to want the world. And she was prepared to put up the fiercest battle of her life against him. And yet, the longer she stayed in Austria, the more attractive she found him. Surely she couldn't be falling in love?



"We don't want you on Aparoa, Major!" Tansy told him bluntly. "I hate everything you stand for--war, violence and the belief that you can fight force with forced!" Major Blake Aston had come to Aparoa to explore the tiny South Pacific island as a possible refueling base. Tansy Harland ,the local doctor, headed the island's hostile resistance. The Major's warning: "You can't possibly win, Tansy. You'll only get hurt fighting me!" just spurred her on. The outcome was inevitable!

Tansy has lived on the island with her doctor father since she was a little girl. Her father is in Australia trying to stop the soldiers, when they arrive. Blake is a British major, working for NATO. They are going to dredge the harbor and build an airstrip, both of which will completely destroy the islander's livelihoods. Tansy does what she can to stop him and when he tells her she is wasting her life, she doesn't mention she is a doctor.



The earthquake was just the beginning. "It's the tsunami, the tidal waves." cried Tansy. "We have to get to higher ground. They sweep right across the islands, destroying everything in their path."

Grimly, Blake took her hand and led the way back to the jeep and Tansy thankfully clung to the side to keep from bouncing out as Blake drove madly toward higher ground. But a dislodged boulder came crashing down onto the radiator.

"We'll have to run for it." Blake pulled her up the mountain path after him but the roaring, rushing sound of water in the distance grew ever louder and Tansy knew with a horrifying certainty they weren't going to make it.....



She had been coerced into this marriage!To keep her younger brother out of serious trouble, Genista agreed to marry Marc Kiriakos, the hard and ruthless international tycoon for whom her brother had worked. She assumed their marriage would be in name only. Marc had made it clear that his sole reason for taking a wife was to protect him from all the women pursuing him. Only after they were married did Genista find out that he intended their marriage to be a real one.

Her brother was arrested for embezzlement. He is an absentminded inventor and he needed the money for his invention. He would get 5 years so that is how long the marriage will be. Marc forces himself on her on their wedding night, he assumed she was little better than a prostitute because she is a stewardess. But she was a virgin. She went for swim later and got a cramp. Marc rescues her and thinks it was a suicide attempt and she confirms it, so he doesn't touch her.



If Sara’s young stepsister, Nicky, hadn’t run off to marry Richard French, Sara would never have met Richard’s uncle—and that would have suited her just fine! Alex Brandon, the uncle, was the epitome of everything Sara most disliked in a man; a conceited, pompous, narrow-minded male chauvinist. Alex didn’t think much of Sara and her liberated ideas, either, so it was unfortunate that they had to join forced to catch their runaway charges. Or was it?



“Computer matching works, you’ll see!” Her roommates were enthralled with the idea of the experiment, but Gemma wasn’t sure. It didn’t seem right to cold-bloodedly plot another person’s falling in love. Gemma liked it even less after they had done the computer analysis of Paul Verignac, and the results showed that she was the best suited to be the bait. But her moral reservations disappeared after she’d met him. Good looks, arrogance and conceit were a rankling combination. He deserved to have the tables turned on him!



Was Kirsty's dream destined to fail? All Kirsty wanted was to get her younger sister away from London and live a new life in their new home, Briar Cottage. But someone in the village wanted to drive them away--for surely all the mishaps that overwhelmed them weren't coincidences? One thing was certain: they were not welcomed by the aristocratic squire, Gyles Grantham. But Kirsty couldn't care less. He was the most offensive, domineering man she'd ever met!

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