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Sara Craven vintage Harlequin Presents 1981-1990

Updated on December 31, 2012


Sara Craven was born and raised in rural England. Her early writing career was as a journalist. She started writing romances in the early 1970's and her first effort was accepted in 1975 by Mills and Boon. She is still writing books for the Harlequin Presents title. Many of her books are set in her native England.

All these books are in the Harlequin Presents line. I am slowly re-reading all her books and, as I do, I am adding more book details in bold.

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She was the chosen bride of a Leandros. Helen's mother had almost been forced into an arranged marriage, but she'd managed to escape. Now Helen was in a similar situation: she was expected to marry Damon Leandros! When she first came to her grandfather's Greek island, Helen intended to avoid the arrogant Damon. Soon, however, she knew she couldn't deny his powerful attraction. Regardless, Helen's pride rankled at the though' that everyone on the island expected her to give in to the ridiculous arrangement. But as Helen discovered, pride goes before a fall....



Rowan's stepmother, Antonia Winslow, was selfish and totally unscrupulous. It suited hr purposes to pretend that Rowan was only 16 years old. But it was 19 year old Rowan who suffered the backlash of the lie. Forced by Antonia's conniving to live in the isolated household of famous painter Carne Maitland, Rowan was helplessly drawn by the force of his personality. But what was the use of falling in love with him when Carne assumed he was merely the object of her adolescent fantasies?

Under conditions of her will, Rowan needs to live with Antonia until she is 21 or married. Rowan is going to college and willing to do without the money. But her stepmom can't do without it. Carne is a distant relative of Antonia and had lent her money to open a boutique, which she promptly lost. Carne insists on repayment, he says Antonia can pay for it by working as his housekeeper and take care of his aunt, who is crippled by arthritis. Rowan actually does the work and also finds time to write a children's story. Antonia starts stealing from the aunt and frames Rowan.



Morgana couldn't wish him away. Lyall Pentreath van Guisen was a new and unwanted factor in her life. As the only male heir in the ancient but divided Pentreath family, he had inherited their Cornish home. Not only was he from the other branch of the family--he was also ruthless, cunning and used to getting his own way. His taking over their home was bad enough. But Lyall had made it quite clear that he'd like to take her over, as well. Morgana was afraid, but somehow secretly excited...

.Morgana didn't know the estate, Polzion, was entailed. The family runs the house as an unsuccessful guest house. There had been a family feud between Morgana's dad and Lyall's dad, they were cousins. Morgana goes to the wishing stone near the estate to wish he never comes to the estate. Her luck isn't with her, Lyall is at the wishing stone and hears her wish. Lyall turns the estate into a retreat for his employees and makes Morgana's mom the manager.



Lisa didn't have the heart to refuse her stepsister's request. Julie had never been very good at organizing matters ,and she simply couldn't handle her wedding plans alone. But Lisa had no idea she was stepping into a viper's nest! Not only was Julie acting strange, but there was another problem; Dane Riderwood, Julie's brother. 2 years before, Lisa had fled Dane in shame and humiliation. Now he was even more handsome, more dangerous-and more determined than ever to have Lisa on his own terms.

Lisa's stepsister, Julie, had been very wild as a teenager. She snuck out to go to a neighbor's wild parties. When Lisa found out she put a stop to it and warned the neighbors to stay away from Julie. Dane and his father didn't know about this. Lisa thought it would hurt them to know. Dane saw her with the neighbors and assumed she was the one in the rumors going around. The rumors were that one of his sisters was promiscuous, he decided that meant Lisa. Julie lied and went to a party anyway and someone at the party scared her, so she ran away and dropped her shoes. Lisa went back for the shoes and Dane found her and assumed she was coming from the party. He forced her into bed with him and she ran away the next day never to come back. Dane is so nasty to her when she does return she decides to sneak out. Julie drives her away and Dane starts to follow and Julie speeds up and loses control of the car and ends up in an accident and she miscarries. (it isn't her fiance's baby, she still sleeps around). And still Dane blames Lisa.



Alix was told to get ride of the man who wanted to write her famous aunt's biography. But Liam Brant was not so easily dismissed. His writer's instinct sensed a mystery surrounding the actress, and he was prepared to use anyone and everyone to unravel it. Alix, despising herself, succumbed to his attentions. But she knew the love could only be short-lived, for the beautiful Bianca had decided Liam was a prize she wanted. Fine. Alix thought, they suit each other perfectly! But deep down, her aching weary heart protested. Alix is not her Aunt Bianca's niece, she is her illegitimate daughter, she doesn't find this out until near the end of the book. Bianca is afraid this will come out but she eventually tells the world herself.

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Nicola found he was a law unto himself. She had agreed to masquerade as his prospective bride to help her young friend escape. She was appalled that arranged marriages still existed. But Luis Alvarado de Montalba was not a man to be crossed. "You forced your way into my life, " he informed her when he discovered the deception, "and now you will remain in it. " While she conceded he was entitled to his anger, it was her life and future he had taken under control. And he simply ignored her protests.



Could he seduce her into forgetfulness? Courtney had always dreamed of one day desired by a lover and responding ardently to him. But with the right man--not ever with Blair Devereux! For three long years, the memory of how Blair had ruined her family and stolen their home had haunted her. Now she must do the impossible -- forget the past for her family's sake and become Blair's bride. And no one could have been more surprised than she to find the forgetfulness she needed in the oblivion of love's passion
Courtney’s father and Blair’s uncle were business partners. Then his uncle was imprisoned for stealing money from the business and her father immediately had a stroke. He is still an invalid and Blair’s uncle died in jail. They lost their home, Hunter’s Court, due to debt. Robin, Courtney’s brother is working with a developer to turn Hunter’s Court into a country club, but Blair buys it himself. He wants to marry Courtney. The title comes from something her nanny told her “ when you sup with the devil, make sure you use a long spoon.”


"Alex is a wild man - a true pagan!" Harriet had forgotten her dead brother-in-law's words until she stood opposite the fiercest opponent of her life - the autocratic and unyielding Alex Marcos. He had no scruples about taking her orphaned nephew, Nicky, away from her, claiming the boy was his heir. But Harriet wouldn't let Nicky go - even if it meant abandoning herself to the savage demands of Alex's lovemaking. For if the only weapon she had to fight Alex with was the effect her body had on his, then she'd use it, no matter what the cost!



She wanted the impossible--his love! Learning that her grandfather was critically ill was a severe shock for Lisle. Then she discovered that he planned to give Jake Allard control of their family business and arrange a marriage between her and Jake! It would never work--Jake detested her. And yet he was willing to give the marriage a chance for convenience's sake. "I want your social acumen and your body," he'd said. But Lisle wanted more--she wanted his love. And that seemed to be reserved for another woman!



For special reasons of her own, a young woman feigns interest in a crusading journalist and accompanies him to the West Indies---where events change her pretend love to the real thing!



There was no excuse for her response.The ruthless Andreas Nikolaides had lured Gemma to his remote villa in Crete with a single purpose in mind: to punish and humiliate her in revenge for her brother's seduction of a local girl.He was a man Gemma had cause only to hate--a man who was using her as the instrument of a vengeance she could barely understand.And yet within hours she was falling into his arms, begging him to make love to her--exactly as Andreas had so arrogantly promised she would!
Gemma's brother is an absentminded graduate student so she isn't too surprised he doesn't get in touch with her at her hotel in Greece, but eventually she gets a note and goes to the villa. Only she finds him gone and he did not write the note Andreas did. Andreas tells her that the girl her brother seduced is pregnant and her brother ran away. The girl was her brother's maid so Andreas says Gemma will be his servant and he will seduce her as punishment for her brother's actions.



Jason Wingard's sudden reappearance in Laura's life proved how little she knew about her ex-husband. 3 years ago when she'd fallen in love with him, she'd believed him to be a struggling artist-not the kind of man who'd marry hr for her money and keep a mistress on the side. But her uncle's detective had proved her wrong. Now Jason was being introduced as the construction king who would save her uncle's busines. Surely, only a fool would believe the past could be brushed aside where a man like Jason was concerned!



He'd promised her her heart's desire. For years Sophie had avoided being absorbed--however kindly--by the powerful Marchese family. Now she had to swallow pride and misgivings alike to help finance Mark's business so that they could be married. It was time to collect on the promise her stepcousin, Angelo, had given her along with the Marchese glass unicorn. And being a man of his word, Angelo pledged, "You shall have whatever you desire--that is, if you know what you want." Now her talisman--protector of virgins--was back in Angelo's hands. And the power of the unicorn worked both ways!

Sophie had met Angelo at her mother's wedding into his family. A few months later, he saw her crying over something and to comforted her he made a deal: if she would stop crying over trifles he would do grant her a wish. When she found something she wanted with all her heart, he would make sure she got it. He then sent her a valuable antique crystal unicorn, which she was to return to him when she wanted her wish granted.

At age 18 she falls in love and wants to set her boyfriend up in business. But she will only inherit when she is 21 or if her parent's consent to the marriage, and they will not. Sophie wants Angelo to convince her parents to let her marry. He arranges for Sophie and her boyfriend, Mark, to visit him on the family's private island in Greece. Mark is a jerk, who soon sleeps with another woman. To save Sophie from embarrassment, Angleo quickly marries her.



An English ad agency executive dresses down to show she's no a frustrated widow-ripe for the taking. But her client sees right through her defenses-and likes what he sees!



At the price of her mother's peace of mind and her sister's future, how can a young woman refuse to marry the one man who could give her family back everything her father lost?



Ashley Landon was desperate. After 2 years of her best efforts as chairman, her family's business faced either bankruptcy or a takeover. Then Jago Marrick, her ex-fiance , turned up with a hardheaded alternative-marriage. Ashley's first reaction was shock, but Jago seemed to be the company's only hope. As her husband and the new chairman, Jago's vast business experience could put Landons back on its feet .Reluctantly Ashley accepted---only to find that he wanted much more from their marriage than she was prepared to give.



Crossing the world to join her fiancé in Peru changes spoiled wealthy Leigh Frazier's life. For in meeting the fascinating archeologist Dr. Rourke Martinez , she is drawn under the spell of the high Andes, in a new and dangerous embrace.



When Natalie Drummond’s father was told by the doctor to take it easy she expected him to give her a full partnership in his Wintersgarth training stables. After all, she’d been running them successfully while he was in the hospital. But when he came home her hopes were completely dashed—he had sold the partnership to Eliot Lang, the handsome, notorious playboy of the horse racing world. Despite the immediate and unwanted attraction Natalie felt for Eliot, her resentment at her father’s betrayal continued to grow. Especially when Eliot seemed to think that she was part of the deal!



“Marry me, querida, be my wife.” Vasco da Carvalho’s proposal came as a dream. Even in her wildest fantasies about the Brazilian rancher, Abigail had not dared to expect this! Until yesterday, this exotic male had been engaged to her cousin. Now, well, Abigail could only interpret his actions as those of a man doing the honorable thing. Because last night Abby had comforted him in his rage. And while she could never regret their unplanned moment of passion ,how could she share a lifetime with a man who felt obligated to marry her?



It was outrageous. He couldn't be serious! One day Amanda was happily engaged to Nigel, a flamboyant British car rally driver, the next she was the reluctant fiancee of his stern, laconic older brother, Malory Templeton. As if she hadn't been through enough. Hadn't finding Nigel in the arms of another woman been more than she deserved? The hard glitter in Malory's eyes told her otherwise. Malory was a virtual stranger to her, but Amanda had no choice. Her own foolish pride had caused the crazy switch in fiances, and Malory, it seemed, was going to hold her to it.


"A year out of your life. What price would you ask?" Samma supposed that any other woman would surely slap the face of a man who would pose such a question. But Samma couldn't afford that luxury with Roche Delacroix. With her stepfather ready to sell her "favors" to clear his gambling debts, Roche represented Samma's only avenue of escape from an unthinkable future on Cristoforo Island. Only a few hours earlier, the lips that opened the suggestive negotiation had made Samma so thoroughly aware of being female. Samma couldn't help feeling that life was doubly unfair.



A vulgar Greek peasant, Julia had called him. When she learned that Alexandros Constantis was buying Ambermere, her beloved ancestral home, Julia was filled with shame and anger. Not only would he take away her home, he would strip away every shred of her female dignity. "My instinct tells me, Julia," Alex had drawled, "that to war with you might be far more interesting than to make peace." And when she saw to what lengths he would go, Julia's life became a nightmare.



Sandie has every good intention when Crispin Sinclair offers to coach her privately in music at his Connemara family home. His intentions , though, aren't so clear, as his half brother, the autocratic Flynn Killane, keeps trying to warn Sandie.



Now, Carly thought, she'd get her revenge. As a gawky, plain teenager, Carly has suffered bitter disillusion at the hands of Saul Kingsland. And she had waited for the right time. As an acknowledged beauty arid successful model now, Carly could afford to be generous. But she had no intention of forgiving and forgetting the past. It was time for Saul Kingsland to learn a lesson. So she laid her plans carefully, put them into action--only then realizing that the price might well be too high for Carly herself to pay.


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